Superhero Cake

I made this cake for my sweet nephew, who celebrated his Bday this Saturday. As any 7 year old, he asked for a Spider man cake, so better yet I made him a Spidy and a Superman cake, because I can never control myself, when things start going smooth.. It was a Super humid day and we used Whipped cream icing, so you see that the icing had started to melt by the time we cut the cake, there were batman logos also on the side of the cake, the picture is hidden will try to see if I can find any pic..

When dealing with a kids birthday party, I always stick to boxed mixes, if I know any kid with any allergies, its just easy to explain the concerned parent of what the cake is made of..It breaks my heart to say "NO" for cake for any kid especially at a birthday party.. whats a birthday with no cake..unimaginable for me..a birthday has to have cake at least....I can imagine a NO GIFT birthday...MY mom always had a dessert and a cake at my birthday.. we never had huge parties at home with many friends; but gifts and return gifts were unheard of back then..but we always had CAKE

The cake was relished by one and all and my experience is that there is hardly any leftover cake when you make it at home, so always make extra when you are planning on a big party at home.

As a kid I never had a huge birthday party with many kids as guests but we always had  a small family lunch or dinner depending on what day it was, MY mom was a working mom yet she always made something sweet and we got CAKE from the bakery......there were no signature or themed cakes..we always got the round cake with 2 pink roses( why 2  u ask?? one rose for me and one for my BIG Bro)..then the bake shop started selling the bird's nest cake...everything was kept simple; I miss such birthdays now, planning a kids birthday has become more stressful and the whole idea of gifts and return gifts is taking its toll on Poor MOM....

We still follow a tradition of  NO TIME OUTS for the Birthday Child on his Birthday, so one day of the year the kids truly feel special.

Hope you make this cake real soon and enjoyy it with your superhero on his special day!!!

Love Ash.

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