Akashdiwa-Diwali Lantern

Diwali Lantern

Diwali is the festival of lights. It is a scene and view to watch in Mumbai and Maharashtra where we adorn our balconies and patio's with these akashdiwa/lantern in unimaginable shapes and sizes. In Mumbai, I remember many apartments buildings where every house contributed to the same lantern and decorated the entire building with the same lights and lanterns. After coming to US, I searched high and low to find these lanterns, but no avail. Then I met my friend M, who came up with a brilliant idea that if you cannot buy it, make it. She taught us the basics and under her guidance we made not two but three such lanterns and the tradition was set in Ashland to make the lantern each diwali. I am very lazy on some days, that I use the same skeleton and change the outer paper year after year, till finally the sticks break, then I make a new one. I have been asked en number of time son how I make these. so I am breaking my secret, just in time for you to make one this Diwali.

Picture Tutorial as follows

I got the skewers, crepe paper and glue from Walmart. look in kids craft section for paper andf glue. Elastic Bands were from the office supplies. After getting all supplies, we are set to begin. Cut 26 sticks from skewers measuring the same.

Tie the sticks and make squares. you will need 6 squares then you are ready to assemble.

This part is tricky, you will need another person to hold the squares. Use elastic bands, to tie each square and make an hexagon. Once you have the hexagon ready, your skeleton is ready. Then wrap the paper and then decorate

The akashdiwa or lantern is ready to make your home beautiful and make your Diwali a memorable one.

I am just getting started with my Diwali preparations, akashdiwa is done, then start with making diwali faral, chakali, chivda, shev and ladu. How is your preparations at your home?

Love Ash.


Manasi said...

SO creative! Very well done:) I love the colors! Very festive indeed!

notyet100 said...

Too good,..:) you should link this at colours decor,.there's a link party for Diwali there

Rashmi said...

Ashwini, very nice Akashkandil, Can you list the name of the things we need, like bamboo sticks, etc....
would be more helpful to let me know the brand and store from where you got the supplies... thanks

Ansh said...

Nice! You are so multi talented!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea!