Rusking it!!!!!

Ever since I read the post on Rusks from P of a cook@ heart glory, I had this in my head.. the idea haunted me and I was awed her smartness.. I had read  an article by Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor, that "out of disasters is Creativity born".. and how true for P to have proven it...Love you P for Daring such bakes.....

I had planned on visiting my brother this Xmas, but due to my laziness and not acting on time, I was stuck without having proper documents to visit him...Since my over confidence in the system and administrative process, I had already  baked the cake.. and as it always happens, Man proposed and God trip was cancelled.. and we had the worst snow storm we could have ever had.. when the snow was measured it was about 22 I was really happy and glad with Gods Plan as we heard reports of people stuck in the Storm with little or no resources..I was happy to be at home in the warmth of my loved ones...Life is simple if only you let it be...I was bit sad when the trip was cancelled, but was very very happy with the extra time I had on hand...The idea had been already planted by P and the cake was staring at me from a there I had the Plan and the I went about rusking it.. I cut the cake into long strips like a  Biscotti.. and cranked up the oven to 450degreeF and about 10 mins baking on each side.. I had these pieces of heaven ready to be dunked into my T.. I get mad stares from my Mr. Right when I dunk my cookies/biscuits into my T... but that's what makes me I dare to dunk.....My find.. Is Britannia Good day dunked in Ginger T is my mantra for   a good day...whats yours?????

Happy New Year and Happy Postings to all my friends,
Love Ash.