Zoo Cake

Animal Cake

Animal Cake
This cake I made for a dear Friends Daughters 2nd Bday. She had a Jungle theme. So i made a two layer cake with White and brown layers so when cut it looked like a zebra pattern.. Will try to upload the zebra pattern soon.... Happy birthday R..and Thanks for liking the cake.

Some of my friends wanted to know the decoration of this cake, so here it goes for them,
I made 12 gates from popsicle sticks
and had 5 small plastic animals, and the stones and tress are from anr animal set which I brought from Party City.
To assemble the cake, I took Two 2 layer cakes of 13" 9" and had them sawed for frosting.
IN between the layers I had the icing and pinepapples as filling and frosted the cake and sprinkled some coloured sugar which I got from Regular Grocery stores.
For the Icing rec, see here;
Hope you enjoy making this cake and share pic's here.

swirl cake

Recently MY Son wanted to have a swirl cake as some kid in his school got one for snack. So I made this simple pound cake and mizxe din some choclate sauce. THe swirls did not come out as I had anticipated, But kids were happy so was I. The pound Cake rec is on the blog under the same label. Link to the rec is;
Hope you enjoii it as much as we did.

Kairi Punha from applesauce

This Rec is loaned to me by a dear friend "P". She is my Don Chef. She is the BEST for me. Evrytime I am in need of a rec... I contact her.. Thanks P for this amazing rec.

You will need;
Apple Sauce- 1 cup
Sugar 3-4 tsps
Lemon Juice-2-3 tsp
Salt to taste
Water- 1 cup

Take Apple Sauce in a pan and let it boil. Stir Continuously to make a light brown/honey coloured mix. Turn off the heat and add the rest of the ingredients, mix well. Let the mix cool before tasting it. Adjust the lemon Juice and Sugar per your taste. Add water, mix well..

Veggie BBQ on Skewers

BBQ season sets in as summer starts. Everyone everywhere is doing BBQ. Since we are Veggies, our options are limited for BBQ, hence I made this Veggie BBQ using achar masala.
You will need.
Cauliflower/ broccoli-- Steamed in Microwave for 3 mins.
Red and Green Peppers
Paneer cubes
Ginger/Garlic paste-2 tsp
Salt sugar to taste
Oil 2 tbspns
Achhar Masala -- I like medium spice so i used 2 Tspns..

In a bowl mix in oil the ginger garlic paste, aachhar masala and salt and sugar. then marinate the veggies in this sauce for abt 2 hrs.. Arrange on the bamboo skewers. I did it in my oven so preheated the oven @400 and broiled the skewers.

njoii with hot sauce or cool ranch dip...
Tips;; Wet the Bamboo skewers as they will not burn in the oven.


Sabudanyachi Khichadi

Dear Chaitanya, This goes out to you... and all my Bachelor Friends who always relate Sabudnaychi Khichadi to Moms Fasting days...
IT is Typical for mom to keep Fasts on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Chautrthi, and many Special Occasions in a typical Marathi house.. U may Ask when Does she EAT!!!!!!!!!

Well MY Idea of Fasting is Eating all the Awesome FAST foods. I call These Fast Food because, it is easy, fast and not so healthy such to qualify is Sabudana or Sago Khichadi.
U will need some prep and planning for this; Wash the Sabudana and soak in water for 10 mins and Then Remove All water and keep aside covered for abt 6-8 hrs
Take two cups of sabudana( U will need to soak it overnight or at least 6 hrs....
One Medium Boiled Potato-diced
Two Green chillies, Slit
Three Tbspns Peanut Powder.. Roast Peanuts and Run in a Food Processor.. U will have Roasted Peanut Powder
One big Spoon Oil/Ghee
One Tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
One inch Grated Ginger
Salt and Little Sugar To taste
Grated coconut and some Cilantro to garnish

IN a Bowl, Mix the sabudanan, Peanut Powder, ginger, salt and sugar
IN a pan Heat oil over medium Heat, add jeera, add the chillies and diced potatoes.. Cook for few minutes, then add the sabudana mixture
, cover and cook for abt 5-7 mins...stir in between, The sabudana will stick to the bottom of the pan...keep scrapping.. if needed add more oil.. u will see the sabudana change texture and become transparent....this indicate it is fully cooked. Remove form heat, garnish with coconut and cilantro.. serve hot with cold curd...NJoiiiiiiiii