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Welcome to IndulgeAshscorner. I am currently in NJ, USA with Mr. Ash and my two boys, but my roots are still rock solid in India and Bombay/Mumbai specially. I still cannot bring myself to call Mumbai-Mumbai. It will always be my Bombay.

I am a Mumbaikar at heart, still believe in a low profile lifestyle and that God gives everyone enough no more and no less than deserved. I worked my way through Masters in Law degree and currently work in a law firm, but my passion lies in cooking and baking. 

Baking is my passion and it also adds up in kind of therapy to keep me happy. All the cakes are made by me and my tiny hands, and all the pictures are mine, so please do me a favor by asking me for them or giving credit where due. 

indulge-ashscorner was  created to pass on the legacy of my skills whatever I may have to my kids. If tomorrow I am not around to guide my kids and help them in the day to day cooking, they will always have this diary to help them enjoy cooking and playing with sugar, spice and everything nice. Cooking is one of the life skills that is never wasted and very important to learn at any age by any one.

I have been managing and running this space since 2009, but I am still far away from learning all the finesse of blogging. I do try my level best to update twice  a week, but at times  things happen that are beyond my control that make the 2 posts a week seem unimaginable.

Although there are way too many Cakes featured here; I do post a healthy mix of traditional home cooking. I being a maharahstrian from Amchi Mumbai grew up on that food and that is what I know the best to cook. 

To help with the search, we have an easy to find Recipe Index.   Browsing through the Traditional Maharashtrian section,  you will find most of all traditional recipes to make authentic vegetarian Marathi food. I try to simplify the process and give shortcuts if there are any in making the strict traditional recipes in most modern American kitchens.

I am thankful for my wonderful friends and family who love me and stand by me. Cherish your loved ones for you never know, what and when you will miss a chance to tell them you loved them too.

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If you like anything or dislike anything, you have the power to comment. Every blogger yearns for some sweet nice words.

For any queries, bothering or suggestions write to  indulgeashscorner@gmail.com. We love hearing from you.