Milk Fudge- Milk Burfi/ Indian Sweet

Milk Barfi
Recipe Source: Authentic Vegetarian Recipes

I saw the chocolate burfi/ Indian Sweet on Minaji's blog and ever since I drooled every-time I thought about them. When such things start happening often, you simply go ahead and make some for yourself. Minaji's recipe was simple and her explanation was easy to follow if you heard her well. But if you are like me and always have a pint of heavy cream nearing its expiration date, in your fridge, you kind of over hear the master and do your own act. result is either you get applauded or fall flat on your face. Something similar happened with this recipe in my kitchen. I goofed up on the milk proportion and above that I used heavy cream. So applaud or flat on face, I will leave the decision to you.

My munchkins do NOT love chocolate on anything. They like to eat their candies as is. So chocolate cake is only for Black forest cakes in my home. When I showed the chocolate burfi picture to my elder munchkin, he made  a sad face as to why anyone would spoil the bar of chocolate and spread it over the sweet. Hint taken that chocolate burfi would not go well in Ashland.

When I was a kid, there was  a sweet shop named Brijwasi very close to moms home, now it is  a big building, but then it was  a small shop where he made all sweets fresh on the same day. My mom used to take me there and we used to get goodies like malai peda, kalakand and sometimes chocolate burfi. My mom disliked chocolate burfi and it was only after  a lot of bargaining that she let me get it. The seller always witnessed this and gave me a piece every time I visited, just so as he did not like to see my sad face when my mom said NO. Years later when I visited his store, he did not recognize me, but when he saw my son do the same drama for Kaju Katli's, he told him about a girl, apparently his Mom, i.e yours truly...GOSH..things people in small towns do!!!! I counted my blessings as my son did not understand Hindi and the conversation we had when I told him that I was the girl he was telling my son about. We exchanged pleasantries after that and we left the sweet shop.

Minaji's post brought back a flood of memories from back home, a part of life with no worries and true sense of Hakuna Matata for us. I feel bad for kids today, ruining from one activity to other without enjoying what being a kid is all about. We never let them make mistakes and allow them the liberty to learn form them.Are we weird parents or just the world has changed so much???

The answer may never be found, so lets hop skip and run to the recipe. Minaji's recipe can be found on her blog, Do visit for some really traditional recipe she has on her space. This is how it happened in my home , after I goofed up on the milk proportion.

Preparation time, 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 mins plus 2 hours for setting
Servings; I could get 35 one inch squares plus some shavings for tasting

You will need:
1 cup Heavy cream
4.5 cups mava powder/ dry Milk powder
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 tspn cardamom powder/ Elaichi

1 tbspn Everest Milk Masala- Optional--** Substitute with almond and pistachio powder--Optional

1 Tsp Clarified butter or Ghee to grease the plate--
** Note that no oil should be used to grease the plate when cooking with Indian sweets, and the heat should always be set at low to medium.

In a wok, heat the water and sugar till it comes to  a small boil, then add the milk/mava powder and the cream and stir well and cook on low heat till the mixture gets well incorporated, add the milk masala, cardamom/dry almond pista powder and stir well and cook till the mixture starts collecting on the spoon. cooking this in anon stick would work well. Once the mixture gets cooked, spread it on  a pre-greased plate/or low rim bowl. Allow it to set and cool for about 2 hours. Once the fudge looks set and has cooled down, cut the diamond or make a grid with horizontal and vertical lines and cut the pieces. I arranged half a pistachio on each square as one munchkin is nuts about nuts and younger one stays far away from them.

I am sending this to Kavi's Kids delight event and
Gayathri's Walk down the Memory Lane event.


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