Malai Peda

The festivities of Diwali have gone now and i am left with some yumm yumm snacks and mithai. There is a huge Desi junta/population in Central NJ and if you plan on buying mithai from the Indian sweet shops, be ready to stand in the line for more than an hour at times, Phew. I mean why will I waste that precious time when I can simply Google the recipe and make double the amount in half the price. I chose the second option and went the DIY way!! Being  a blogger also helps in the motivating department and DIY is the way to go. Another benefit is that I will use the best and freshest ingredients, make smaller portions as to not feel guilty of eating a sweet mava and sugar loaded goodie and be proud in parties as "I Made it with my own hands" slogans. if you look at it this way, you will find that making your own sweets at home is a breeze. Believee me this is very very simple..all you will need is only 2 main things, rest will depend on your creativityy and level of expertize.

I had already made Kalakand once this Diwali, so I had the Ricotta cheese and Condensed milk on hand, I put the my lazy bones to work..

You will need;
1 can condensed milk-14 oz** I used the milkmaid brand
1 can Ricotta cheese-15 oz
a Microwave safe deep glass bowl
1Tsp elaichi or cardamom-Optional
1tbspn Pista Powder-Optional
Saffron and cashew nut powder-Optional
1 tspn rose water-Optional but highly recommended

In a  safe Microvabeable deep glass bowl, combine the ricotta cheese and the condensed milk and stir till it is well incorporated. then;
microwave it on high for 5 minutes. Remove and stir.
Then again microwave it for 3 minutes, remove and stir.
Microvave it for 2 minutes covered.. remove and stir
Keep doing this, i .e microwaving the mixture in batches of 2 minutes; till you get a reasonable crumbling mixture.. I had to do this for about 18 minutes in total..

When you have a crumbly mixture, add the pista powder, elaichi (and saffron if desired), mix well and keep aside..When it reaches room temperature, keep it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Then roll out the pedas. Note these pedas are not hard like other pedas and are very soft and can easily loose its shape.. hence make them in bite size pieces, I used mini cup cake liners to serve each peda. I felt extra special and very festive serving it like this.

Sending this entry to Srav's Festive Food event

Love Ash.
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