Gulab Jamun-Ricotta Cheese bites

Gulab Jamun need no introduction, they are found on almost all Indian Buffets..and all Indian grocery stores carry canned versions of these pieces of sheer pleasure, simple heaven, where the Khoya or mava or cheese balls are dipped and floating in sugar syrup, it's  a match made in heaven. finding pure khoya or mava in US was a hunt when I was newbie here, my friends made the gulab jamun for ready to make kits.. so there was some relief but somehow the texture and the taste from back home never matched. The hunt for perfect Gulab jamun initiated many discussions with fellow food bloggers, one such was with Ms. Spiceroots and that was my lucky day..she said she could lead me the almost perfect recipe for the most awaited sweet.. almost because there was still no pure mava or gulab jamun khoya.

Without any pestering, she showed me the way and like a sheep I followed my Shepherd to the path of ending all misery and dancing in the sugary sweetness.

You will need;

For the entire step by step approach go here

But since I want you to make them ASAP I will give you the shopping list

15 oz pack whole milk Ricotta

Milk Powder [about 200 gms)
Oil for frying – 1Cup

Sugar syrup/Chashni
4 cups sugar
4 cups water
a few strands of saffron crushed
1/4 tsp powdered cardamom

for the rest of the recipe Visit Ms. Spiceroots as per the link above....

**I followed her recipe to the T", still the mixture I had was little wet, so I added in some All Purpose Flour till the mixture was no longer wet, and then let it rest under a damp kitchen towel for about 15-20 minutes.

Alternate way to make Gulab Jamun using the ready to mix pack is;

1 ready to make Gulab Jamun mix..I use Chitale's, which is very easy to find in NJ, if not then use MTR or GITS...
add the ricotta cheese to the powder instead of water as needed.. start adding little by little till you have a soft dough which if poked springs back and does not stick to the bowl that you are mixing it in...make small balls and see if any cracks appear on them...if not then you are set for the frying...
After frying the balls dip them in the sugar syrup and you are all set to dig in...

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