Chatpata Rice

Diwali is gone before the excitement died.. the party weekend was snowed on the East Coast this year and the houses that would have otherwise been glowing with Diwali and Halloween lights were darkened by power cuts. Nonetheless, we had hungry mouths to feed and then make up for the cancelled holiday parties, we decided to have a party at home with the leftover snack/faral items and this rice for lunch and then end the party with mouth watering Kalakand. Some days are good to be alone with your family without the hustle and bustle of kids running around, yelling, fighting and acting weird. This was the first Diwali when we did not meet many friends that we usually meet and visit during the festival, exchange a lot of faral boxes, but we did miss them and miss tasting their goodies and I am thankful for those precious friends who came all the way with the boxes and gifts for me, you guys rock my world!!!

Back to the post and the main reason you all are reading this blog.

You will need;
2 cups cooked rice/ vegetable pulav or jeera rice (good way to use the leftover rice)
1/2 onion chopped
1 small tomato
1 cup mixture of corn, broccoli and carrots-- diced and steamed in a microwave for 2 minutes.
1 Tsp Ginger/ Garlic paste
1 Tsp pav bahji Masala
2tbspn Green Cilantro chutney
Oil for tempering
Water as needed
Salt and Sugar--as per taste

In a pan over medium heat, heat oil, add the ginger garlic paste, add the onions, tomatoes fry for 2 mins , then add the vegetables, add little water and let cook for 1 minute, then add the pav bhaji masala and green cilantro chutney, mix well, add salt and sugar, mix well and lastly add rice with little water. Stir well and cover. Cook for abt 3 mins. The rice should not be liquidy but slightly sticky. once you get to this stage, the rice is done...garnish with Cilantro or Spring Onion, add a dash of lime if needed and Njoii Chatpata Rice.

Traditionally this is a Street food, which I have hogged on many years, when I was in college in Amchi Mumbai. Here in US, I still miss those days...but I have come a long way from then!!!

Love Ash.

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