I Have been Tagged

I am being tagged for the first time by a very dear friend Sayli of  SOUL ART (
 I am so thrilled to have been's like finally beinga ccpeted as a blogger by my friends and do wht other bloggers do...

 Here are my answers Sayli

1. What is your current Obsession?

A. My Wilton cake Decorating Class. IT gives so much homework, that all my Spare time is exhausted by that

2. What r u wearing today?

A. Jeans and Sweater gifted by my Bhabhi..Love the fit ..

3. Whats for dinner today?

A. Good Question...KHOJ jaari hain...

4. Whats the last thing u brought?

A. My Wilton Cake Tool Carrier set.. Now I at least look like a professional Cake decorator

5. What are u listening to right now?

A. Tu Jaane na-Kailash Kher-APKGK

6. What do u think of the person who tagged you?

A. Sayli is a very close friend, we connected again after many years through FB and Gmail...and boy do we rock the world again. we have similar intrests and jobs; like being a  MOM of 2 darlings and running the show called Family!!!!

7. If you could have a big house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would u like it to be?

A. Orlando,Florida--.Close to Disney Parks...
(Will have all my friends and family visiting without any planning..LOL.....not like Attiithi kab jayoge!!!!!!!!!!!)

8. What are ur must have pieces for summer?

A. Polo T-shirts, cotton capri's, and Swuimsuit and Crogs and unlimited fun times with family..can also like Monday'ss being taken off my Calenders....

9. If you could go to anywhere in the world for next hour , where would you go?

A. Mumbai and visit my MOM...I miss her here

10. Which language do u want to learn?

A. Language of love and peace and understanding

11. What is your favourite quote? I have 2....

A. "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes"

ON a much serious note, when u do criticize the person , and walk in his shoes, you come to know Why a certain person is the way he is....

B; "Picture abhi baki hain mere dost"
--Yeah I am All Filmi and bad with dialogues..........

12.Who do u want to meet right now?

A. President Obama..LOL
( And ask him for  a GOvt. Job in Immigration Agency....IN this economy Innigration IS DEAD, so ideal job for overworked ppl like me)
Yeah, I am SMART and maybe a littleLAZY...ha ha ha

13.What is your favourite colour?

A. I absolutely love Crimson Red... but then Leaf Green, Aqua Blue and Coffee Brown also follow suit

14. Give us 3 styling tips that work for you.

A. 1. Wear what is comfortable for u .. and hides your assets and liabilities well...Cotton and Handloom fabrics are hot fav's( fab India Prints and Ikkat rock)

2. Brown Eye Liner and earthy shades of Lipstick.

3. Staright hair( PPL like me rely on their CHI Straighteners)

15. What is your dream job?

A. TO become a Sucessful Attorney.

(YOU asked about DREAM JOB)

16. What is your favourtite magazine?

A. I loved reading Archies. Now only thing I read is Mumbai Mirror and Yahoo News..

17. If u have 100$ now, what would u spend it on?

A. Pehle do phir bolenge kya karenge!!!!

Just in case you do give, then I would first and foremost get a new Tote and maybe new shoes...Most Girls cannot do without them, more the merrier works...then shop for my boys.. cannot forget them...rite....

18. What do u consider fashion faux pas?

A. Oversized girls wearing size 4.

19. Who according to u is a most over-rated style icon?

A. Pura Bacchan Parivaar, MR.AB and his babies...

20. What kind of hair cut do u prefer?

A. straight and sleek with layers.

21. What r u going to do after this?

A. I am going for my lunch after this.

22. What r ur favourite movies?

A. Jaane bhi do yaaro tops the list.. then hera pheri...then 3 idots, munna bahi and likes....

23. What inspires u?

A. The spider and the king story

24. What do your friends call u most commonly?

A. Ash, Ashka or Ashu

25. Would you prefer coffee or tea?

A. Ginger Tea

26. What do u do when u r feeling low or depressed?

A. I yell a lott!!!!
then I like to bake a cake for the ppl I yelled at...

for Depression, I go shopping, or go through old albums of my kids and remembr the funy things we all did when the pics were shot!!!

27. What makes u go wild?

A. PPL who on their face acts as your friends and indulge in back stabbing and bad mouthing you. I hate ppl who forget who stood by them in their difficult times.

28. Which other blogs u like visiting?

A. I have few friendns who also blog, so I make a point to visit all of them when they do upload something.

29. Favourite Desert / sweet?

A. Ras malai in Rabadi........Chilled

30. Favourite season?

A. Summer.

31. If I come to ur house now, what would u cook for me?

A. Puran Poli ... its a maharashtrian speciality. and I have evrything make one for you...LOL

32. Which is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt u?

A. There is no rite or wrong way...Tum apna karm karte raho..phal ki apeksha mat karo..
Gen guilt overcomes them some day and they start running away from you. So u see they will avoid you and u dont need to do a thing....

33. What are u affraid of the most?

A. Rats.

34. When u looked at urself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

A. Have to Loose weight!!!!!!!!!

35. What brings smile on ur face instantly?

A. MY kids and their haywire ideas

36. A word that u say a lot?

A. Nice!!!!!

37. When was the last time u did something nice?

A. I am a very sweet and helping person, whtever I do I do it very NICELY!!!!!!!!

38. What would u do if u were made president of india for one day?

A. Would make Graduation compulsary for all politicians and have the Reservation abolished... Equal opportunities are needed to keep the cream in India. PPL would not seek opportunities abroad if they get same level of opportunities in India.

39. Do u know who Master SHIFU is?

A. I Just googled it.. wht would we do without Google!!!!!!

I am tagging my good friend
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