Dusty The Disney Plane cake

Dusty The Disney Plane cake

Hello Sweeties!!!! I made this cake in December for my sweet nephew, who was waiting patiently for his turn to wish his favorite cake. 

The planning started some time before my annual trip to my brothers town, but I was taken for a surprise when he wished for Dusty the Disney Plane cake. I meant he really wanted to place a toy plane on a cake, but it was me who dares big, and lands in soup at times.

I made this cake topper with homemade marshmallow fondant. The plane cracked right before the time I placed it on the cake, but it was kind of too late to make  a new topper, so I shyly placed it on the cake.

Mistakes happen but what was great was that the birthday boy proudly enjoyed the cake with his friends, which me a very happy and proud aunt that day!!!