Palak Paratha/ Spinach Flatbread

I often make spinach paste the day I get it from grocers. This paste comes handy when making palak paneer or any parathas or any cutlets/patties. Just gives the extra health factor for the mom in me. My kids are usually good eaters. By this I mean, they do not willingly try new foods, but anything old and trusted goes well down their throats. These parathas make  a quick breakfast/travel food or wrap for veggies or simple school lunch with ketchup. They make my morning easy and I am relaxed sending these as lunch for busy days. I do make another paste/pesto or green chutney with cilantro and green chili, This is basically a chutney you would make for any chat item. I religiously make these every weekend to make my week easy. These chutneys form the base for any wraps, pizza's or spread it on a buttered toast for  a quick breakfast on the days you run late.

Prep time; 15 mins
Dough resting time; 20 mins 
Serves 4, makes about 15- 6-7 inch parathas.

 You will need;

To make Palak Paste;
1 Bunch spinach leaves or one bag cleaned spinach
4 cups water to blanch the spinach
Salt to taste
Boil water on high heat with salt. Once it comes to a boil, Add the washed, cleaned spinach leaves (. Do not bother to chop the leaves as we will grind them in a grinder to make a fine paste), let them wilt for 2 minutes and take them out. You can dip them in ice water to stop their cooking process or grind it immediately in the grinder. Doing this helps the spinach retain their vibrant green color. You have the paste ready to use.

To make the Parathas;

2 cup Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 cup palak paste
2 tbspn green chutney- Optional but highly recommended
Salt to taste
1 tsp Red chili/cayenne powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1/2 tsp coriander powder
1/2 Amchur or dry mango powder
1tsp Sugar
1 tsp Garam masala
2 tbspn oil to knead the dough
Water as needed to make the dough soft.

In a wide bowl, take the palak paste, green chutney and the dry powders and add salt and sugar, add oil and mix well, now start adding the flour and start mixing in the flour. Add teaspoon by tea spoon water till you have a soft pliable dough. Do not add water initially, as the green chutney and palak paste will have water and will help in binding the flour. Once  the dough is soft enough, cover  and let rest for 15-20 mins.

After the dough is rested, roll out the parathas like you would make roti's( make small balls  of the dough and roll out thin rounds tortillas dusting flour if the tortillas stick to the surface). Heat a griddle or tawa on medium heat and cook the partahas on one side. Flip the parathas and spray oil and cook the other side. Repeat on side one and cook both sides. Serve hot with some ketchup. or green chutney or any curry of your choice.

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