Happy Valentines Day- Celebrating with some Starburst candy roses

Happy Valentines Day to you all my dearest friends. I am cutting things short and going ahead with what my munchkins planned for me. I woke up to these beautiful 3 roses, one from each of my boy and I in turn surprised them with my banana almond cake. There were demands to keep the frosting out this time, so I dusted the cake with confectioners sugar and colored sugar and thought it would make the cut. But Mr. Ash felt that the cake was not appropriate for V day. I was stuck with no fondant on hand and a very tiring day at work, to make the whole icing for just decoration. The lazy unromantic me, was plain lazy to go shopping for ready made icing, also that it is not loved by them, I only needed to make roses. So I put my brain to work, something I could probably have on hand at home and use to make the roses. I raided my kids V day loot and found snickers, Hershey's kisses, lollipops and fruit roll ups. I tried fruit roll roses like we would make ribbon roses a school project from my childhood, which mainly my mom completed for me. Yes, I was that kid, whose art and craft projects their moms or aunts or anyone other than they did.

I also had some starburst candy on hand. They are so helpful. I could only find a couple of pink and one red in the whole pack. One in hand is worth two in bush, comes true in such situations. I simply zapped the candy in a glass dish for 7-10 secs in microwave, kneaded it into a small ball and rolled it flat out and cut ribbons on that and made roses and inserted them on the easy can it get....there you have the secret to the roses that not only looked cute but amazed Mr. Ash. He commented that he liked this new fondant roses better than the one I made before.

The real roses were so pretty, that I  cannot help showing them to you. Enjoy the natural beauty and appreciate the blessings however small they may be.

Have a V day everyday and spend time appreciating your loved ones.

Amarendra of Amu's kitchen shared this awesome award with me. Thanks Amarendra. He is an awesome chef and an enthusiatic person. Please visist his blog and drop him a hello, get introduced to the treasures in his kitchen. This V day could not have been better for me. I am humbled with your love and care for me.

A little about the award..

'Liebster' means favourite or dearest in German. Rules for accepting the award :
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Since it's V day and I really cannot make the choice of only 5 Blogs, I am sharing it with all of you. Just drop me your email and I will inbox the award to you.

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