Veggie BBQ on Skewers

BBQ season sets in as summer starts. Everyone everywhere is doing BBQ. Since we are Veggies, our options are limited for BBQ, hence I made this Veggie BBQ using achar masala.
You will need.
Cauliflower/ broccoli-- Steamed in Microwave for 3 mins.
Red and Green Peppers
Paneer cubes
Ginger/Garlic paste-2 tsp
Salt sugar to taste
Oil 2 tbspns
Achhar Masala -- I like medium spice so i used 2 Tspns..

In a bowl mix in oil the ginger garlic paste, aachhar masala and salt and sugar. then marinate the veggies in this sauce for abt 2 hrs.. Arrange on the bamboo skewers. I did it in my oven so preheated the oven @400 and broiled the skewers.

njoii with hot sauce or cool ranch dip...
Tips;; Wet the Bamboo skewers as they will not burn in the oven.
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