Sweet Potato Baked Chips-Ratalyache Kaap

Here is another Sweet Potato Recipe. I was fasting for the Navratri which in simple English means 9 Nights. The fasts were not for any specific religious agenda, but only to practice control and see if I can stop my habit of munching on useless calories, self control and de-tox before the diwali goodies invade my body again. I know makes zero sense to clean only to add more junk to the overflowing pile....still I successfully completed my fasts. I was eating only at lunch and usually only Fast food i.e. Vrat ka kahna. or upasache jevan like Sabudanyachi Khichadi, Bhagar Amti or at times Sweet Potato/Ratalyachi Kheer.

As I have talked about my evening hunger pangs and my love for chips before, it was only natural for me to open a bag of potato chips and wash my efforts away. So to get a better deal than the Potato chips, I tried the baked Chips, by that I meant Lays Baked chips.
Somewhere the blogger in me realized what I was doing and eating. I instantly turned to my BFF Google. She is my shoulder to cry on, crib about my waist/vast troubles in life and even gossip about everyone at times.

What you don't ever Gossip???  IF your answer is "yes", then you are a Saint..coz normal people need to gossip to stay fit and mentally healthy.

Gossiping or Formal chatting with BFF's calls for some Chai, and some thing to munch on. So make these Chips today my friends and heaven will sing with you and you will be a "Dancing Queen.. yeah,.. you can dance can dance...having the time of your life.. see that girl..see that dream .. you are the dancing queen...".. name the group that sung the song??

The picture is before they went in the oven for baking

To make these chips, You will need;
Sweet Potato washed and dried. cut into thin slices peel and all -I used one big Potato
2 tbspn Oil to coat the slices or use spray
Salt as per need
Red Chili powder- I used 1 tbspn for one Big Sweet Potato
1 tbspn-Cumin and Coriander powder

In a bowl add the red chili powder, salt, sugar and the cumin and coriander powder and then the oil, then rub the potato slices with this rub and keep aside for some time to know each other better, in between pre-heat the oven to a 400 degree and then arrange them on the baking tray or cookie sheets and spray them again with some cooking oil. Bake for 10 mins on one side and then turn them over and bake till they look done. Some will be burnt or darker than others.. it will taste yumm once you are done with the baking.

** The seasonings and the quantity of potato slices can be adjusted as per ones judgment and as per his/her likes. if you feel the potatoes slices need more seasoning, feel free to add more is wise to add seasoning less at a time and then  go on adding in smaller quantities.

So what are you waiting for, I have my chai and share of stories ready, so go make these chips and we can start talking!!!!

Sedning this to HCC Healthy cooking event.

Love Ash.
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