Bhagar Amti

Bhagar And Danyachi amti( peanut powder Soup) is a traditional yet very delicious and fast meal which was had as a Fast food...Fast=upas or Fasting fast....and not Fast Food=Junk Food....well most of our fasting foods are Junk. so my home calls it feasting foods...all empty cals and no nutrition as such...But this can be done in less than 30 mins. We did not Have RR( Rachael Ray's) in our kitchen back when we were little, yet many meals in our everyday cooking sum up top less than 30 mins meals.....this is one such meal....

Bhagar is a special Rice.. called as Vrat ke chawal/ or SAMO
1 cup Samo rice Washed and drained
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 Green chili--Medium hot
Salt and sugar to taste
Oil-arnd 1tbspn
and water 2 cups boiling hot

Heat Oil in a wok, when hot add the chili and the cumin, once that splutters, add the drained rice and roast well, then add the boiling water and salt and sugar. Cover and let cook on slow heat for 10-15 mins or till rice gets fluffy.. Your Bhagar is done. Remove from stove and keep covered.

Peanut Soup or Danyachi Amti;
1 cup roasted Peanut powder or 2 tbspns peanut butter
1 tbspn Tamarind juice
1 stone jaggery to adjust the tartness of tamarind
1 tspn cumin seeds
1tspn red chili powder
Salt and Sugar to taste
Water to make the soup.
1tbspn Oil

In a pan take the water and mix the peanut butter or the powder, add the tamarind juice, jaggery, sugar salt and red chili powder. Let the soup boil over medium heat and mix well. In a smaller pan heat the oil, add the cumin seeds and once it splutters, add this to the soup pan...
once everything boils well and the mix looks cooked...its ready. Garnish with cilantro and Njoii with Bhagar.

You can even Njoii this with Sabudana Khichadi with some aloo chivda!!!!!! Bingo You have made yourself Farali Misal

Sabudana Khichadi is at

Happy Fasting or Feasting!!!!!
Love Ash.

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