Shevai Kheer

This is a Big Week as Diwali is rite around the corner, so gearing up for Diwali.. preparations are on the way for the big festival at my home... My Hubby put up the lights and the lantern yesterday.. and I started with the usual Snacks.. no celebration is complete without food.. Diwali is festival of lights.. and some special snacks.. like Shev, Chakli, ladoo, Mithai, Chivda and the list is endless.....

I will start the special week by something sweet....Shevai Kheer or Sevai Kheer.You will need
One cup Shevai. Roasted in ghee
2 cups Milk-2%
2 cups Evaporated Milk
2 Tbspn Condensed Milk
3/4th cup Sugar
Cashews Roasted in ghee-1 Tbspn-Optional
Saffron Strands and One tspns Elaichi Powder

Roast the shevai and nuts in Ghee till light brown...and keep aside...Take the milk and evaporated milk in a pot and boil it with sugar and condensed milk.. when it come to  a small boil add the nuts and the roasted shevai to it and let cook for abt 10 mins ion medium heat. keep stirring as it will not stick to the bottom of the pan..when it all looks cooked and reduced. turn off the heat, Add the saffron and the elaichi powder.... Enjoii with hot pooris or phulkas... or enjoii Chilled on its own.....either ways.. it takes you in  a happy place.......

Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali and  a Very Prosperous New Year!!!
Love Ash.
PS. : These Lights are also home made from the Magic Model Clay!!!!!!!!!
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