Apple Pie

The Fall Weather is one of the best seasons, we experience here in US.... not too hot and not too cold is just right....The leavers start turning colour and believe it or not, even the critic within us, says that Fall is the time to fall in love again.. with food, colour, yellow and reds are the colours to fall back on....will share some pics of the fall here in has never been so colour full..ever....

Fall season also brings seasonal activities like Apple picking, festivals, Halloween and the mood for holidays sets in....We went applepicking and picked a little too many apples....So the only way to finish these off was to bake a pie...I followed the usual Rec on the back of the Ready made pie crusts..which I had got for something else.. but then used it for the pie.

The filing was;
 5-6 Apples....Jonathan or Red delicious Apples
half cup brown sugar, half cup regular sugar,
2tbspns Lime Juice,
2Tspns Cinnamon powder
2tbspns All purpose flour.
Mix the above in a pan and keep aside for about 30 mins.. in a pie dish.. Keep one sheet of the pie crust.. and let it stick to the dish..then mix the apple mixture and pour it on the crust.. cover with The second layer of the pie crust. Snip the upper layer to make small outlet for steam to pass while baking. Preheat oven @ 450 degrees and then reduce to 350degrees and bake for about 25-30 mins.
Njoii the pie with Whipped Cream or with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream!!!!! Either ways it Tastes Heavenly!

Till I bake again!!!!
Love Ash.
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