My First Ever Cake Classes

YES!!!!!!! I was finally able to start my very own cake decorating classes. More of teaching it was a learning experience for me. But I am happy to tell you that I was able to cover all of what I set out to show them form torting levelling the cakes to decoarting and taking home  a creative piece of art!!!!

Things I covered in this class;

Preparing the cake.. torting, leveling and filing
icing the cake
Star tip use making shells, rosettes, and rope border
Leaf tip-- making leaves
Writing tip- Making lace, Vines and wirting
Rose tip and Flower Nail--
Showed them how to make roses and how to place them on the cake.

 The Picture is clear proof of what awesome Girls I had to share my journey with!!!! They had never ever worked with Icing or even close to any cake decorating and this was their effort. Please comment on their work... It's comments like these that keep us encouraging to do what we set out to and keep doing it!

Love Ash!!!
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