WWW-Whole Wheat Wraps with Pausthik Palak Patties

I am back as promised with my pictorial--picture tutorial where I am not going to say a lot and let the pictures do the talking.

You will need;
Store brought whole wheat wraps or home made chapati/ theplas
cheese if needed or if you like

Now let's begin the show and let the picture be your guide.

1. Get the patties ready

2. Spread the chutney or pesto on the wraps.

3. Keep the pattie in between the wraps and roll it flat. Add cheese in between if you like

4. Roast on a hot pan for few minutes or till the cheese melts.

5. Now eat or pack in a foil for lunch.

I make these for my kids school lunches, where they have no microwaves or provision for a hot lunch. the filling can be replaces in a dozen ways, use store brought soya patties and add salad leaves, carrots or nothing at all. My elder son is a salad worshipper not just  a lover, so he carries boiled broccoli, carrots or celery sticks as a snack separately. the possibilities are endless, just that we don't find them all at once.

Sending these wraps to Srav's What's for Friday diner Event.

Love Ash.
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