Sweet Potato Kheer--Ratalyachi Kheer

Diwali, the festival of lights is next week and I have to start the faral preparations . As always, I will start the special week by something sweet....its always something sweet and then the whole savouries follow. I am planning on making baked chakli, that would be my first attempt, I try to prepare one new item every year and this year it is baked chakli. I am planning to make the regular marathi favourite bhajani chakli as well, so Mr. Ash if you are reading this, be assured that your favourite will not be left out.

I am kickstarting the week long preparation by making this simple yet divine kheer, this is usually consumed on fast days, but who said that fast food cannot be eaten on other days. So keeping this in mind I made this kheer. You do not need any ghee or added cream to make it a thick and rich kheer as the starch from the sweet potatoes/ratalya will thicken this kheer

You will need

2 Sweet potatoes/Ratalyi boiled and peeled and mashed.
4 cups Milk-2% + evaporated milk(Using evaporated milk gives it a nice taste, but you can certainly leave that out)
3/4th cup Sugar
Cashews Roasted in ghee-1 Tbspn-Optional, I did not use any.
Saffron Strands
1 tspns Elaichi Powder

Take the milk and evaporated milk in a pot and boil it with sugar.. when it come to a small boil add the nuts and the pulp of the boiled sweet potatoes to it and let cook for abt 10 mins on medium heat. keep stirring as it will not stick to the bottom of the pan..when it all looks cooked and reduced, turn off the heat, Add the saffron and the elaichi powder.... Enjoii with hot pooris or phulkas... or enjoii Chilled on its own.....either ways.. it takes you in a happy place.......

Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali and a Very Prosperous New Year!!!

Sending this to Festive Food Event

Love Ash.
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