No Bake Mango Cheesecake

In continuing with the Mango theme.. I made this some time back. This is a No BAKE cheese cake with few ingredients. You will need about 15 mins of preparation time, and few hours to let it set.

You will need;
2 Ready made Graham Crackers Pie crusts--Find it in regular grocery store in baking aisle
1 8oz box of Sour cream
1 8oz box of Cream cheese.
2 cups Ratna Mango Pulp ( you will get this brand in any Indian Grocery store)
1 cup sugar
1 and 1/4 th packet gelatin dissolved in 1/4 th cup warm water and bloomed for 3 mins

In a blender mix all the above ingredients from the sour cream to the bloomed gelatin in the same order except the pie crust and blend till it is a thick milkshake consistency. Fill the mixture in the pie crust shell and refrigerate for minimum of 6 hrs. Once set, dig in and enjoii the mango pie.

This is a very heavy dessert, so be careful that you do not eat a whole lot and make when you have a crowd. this pie will stay well in the fridge for 2-3 days. IT never stayed longer in my home beyond the 2nd day. Since there is sour cream and cream cheese, I did not decorate it with any topping or whipped cream.. but a sprinkle of pistachio or whipped cream swirls would be darn good....

Do make this no bake pie and drop me your inputs.
Love Ash.
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