Oat Dosa

This has been in my mind for many many days....we love love love Dosa's....they are fast to make and eat and with minimum ingredients, you can have an awesome satisfying meal...they are a essential BLD meals..You can have these dosas with sambar or chutney or ketchup or sour cream or yogurt or just plain..you will not be disappointed...I had got a box of quick cooking oats from a wholesale club shop.. I had never ever had oats that needed to be cooked..I always brought the flavouredd oat the microwave kind with chunks of dried fruit..but the EAT HEALTHY BUG got wise  and I got the box, which obviously was not at all tasty so no one dared touch it...does it happen with you all or its just me...see a coupon grab a box....Coupons KILL my thinking process.. I would not have got the box had I been shopping in the regular grocery store, but wholesale Club and coupon have a power over my mind.. I go in to get 2 things and my bill is over $100...still don't know if I NEED or simply WANT all of those things I BUY...so now on, any of you see me at the club shop, remind me I said that!!
I often need to be reminded of what I really want and need....

I made this Dosa with the oats and wheat flour.  Sunday morning brunch in my home will see us eating and trying to finish that big box of UNWANTED AND NOT NEEDED Oats

You will need;
1 cup Wheat flour -
1 cup Oats - powdered fine
1 chopped Big onion
1 cup mixture of shredded carrots, tomato, corn, (I added small diced Pumpkin also)
1/2 tsp chili powder
1 green chili - chopped fine
1 tbsp chopped curry leaves
few coriander leaves
Salt and Sugar to taste
2 tbsp refined oil


Add all the other ingredients with wheat flour and water as needed and mix well. Mixture should be like a pancake mix, not runny but flowing. Heat Dosa Tava/Pan on low flame and grease it with oil . Spread dosa batter like a pancake..and let cook on one side, then turn over after a min and cook the other side well. cook covered if needed..

Enjoii when its still hot.. from pan to plate should be JUST fine....

Love Ash.
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