Crafts by Ash.

This is a non food post today. Sorry for that, but I felt that I should be sharing with you some part of Ash that is not always thinking and talking about flour and sugar. These are some very old pictures of the paintings and craft stuff I had done to decorate my home and my kids room. I did not want to spend a lott on decorating the walls for something which I would be using only for a few days/months or in all cases years, but that certainly was not on my agenda. They are still so good, that it has been more than seven years that I made few of these. I am sharing them with you all, if any of you are intretsed in making them, drop me a line and we  will see how we can do it!!

This is on card paper and I used acrylic colours. The motifs and peacocks are traditionally used in the Rajasthani and Gujrati handicrafts in India, basically embroidered by women on cotton cloth with silk threads. I wanted to have some touch of India, but I don't have any stitching experience and my work resembles the work of a elementary school child.
I made these diya's on one diwali, with the model clay that we get in any craft store. I placed tea lights inside. I think they simply look  nice and do have a calming effect. I even shared it with my friends as diwali gifts.

I made these by glueing felt pieces on the cereal boxes and cutting the Pooh Bear and 100 Yard characters. They are still on my sons room wall, I made them when he was only 1 yr old and he still loves them at 7 years.

This is a empty Jute rice bag, I removed the stitching that joint the two sides. I painted a simple Ganpati Bappa and its a piece of art now hanging proudly in my kitchen and blessing my home each moment.

Love Ash.
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