I have always loved sandwiches.. I was a Chicken eater some 10 years back, and there was a place behind Metro Cinemas in Bombay, where I and my Bestest Friend would go and hog on the cold chicken sandwiches and the yummiest pastries and the grilled panninis...and it all cost each of us Rs. 50 for all of that food....This place was so well hidden and cramped and it had only 2 tables and total of 6 chairs, so in way it was bliss from the noisy streets of South Mumbai, where the old city charm lived and thrived...Some day I promise to give you a photo tour of all the places near Churchgate and Metro Cinema that I and my Bestest Friend attacked when hunger striked us, which were easy on our pockets yet so much satisfyinggg.... We were in happy place then...

We both are well placed today, so in a different happy place and in a totally different set up now, but I still crave for those days and small things like rains/thunderstorms reminds me of our marine drive walks in the rain, hot wada pav's and eating way too much to make us sick, but I still MISS those days and my friends...

Back to reality..
Coming back to this simple yet satisfying whole meal. Takes about 10 mins to put together if you are doing cutlets. I had some leftover cutlets which I had made  for an evening snack. So what better way to use it up.. I stored them in an air tight box in the fridge and next day in the morning.. zipped them up in a microwave for about 40 seconds and used them in my sandwich for lunch. I always have green chutney/pesto on hand, so butter plus some pesto/chutney and some salad with these cutlets squished between two slices of bread is my ideal lunch on many days...

The cutlets rec can be found here. You can make simple patties with any leftover vegetable/subji by adding boiled potatoes or adding dry potato powder. I usually use cabbage subji or cauliflower, peas and potatoes subji and add a big boiled potato and make the cutlets.

Since I am trying to eat healthy, I used Whole Wheat bread and baked Chips.. I am still trying to get over my salt cravings, so cannot do without any chips...and besides it was too hot to make some soup..Panera breads is my favourite stop for some soup and sandwich on a cold winter morning...Do try and make it and drop me a line.

Love Ash.
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