Black Forest Cake--Two Tiered

For your viewing pleasure and a weird request by a certain 7 yrs old, for a two tiered black forest cake resulted in this cake. MY family loves loves Black forest cake, I mean what is not to love, choclate cake, cherries and whipped cream...bring on a slice or two and feel the love, baby...

Since my kids gobble up most of this cake, I do not add any rum or vodka, another reason is that we are non alcohol drinkers.. not even wine can be found at my home...I often make this cake, as this is one cake I know will be finished by my kids, and my waist would not be punished for baking a cake.. does it happen only in Ash-land or is it common, that the first day everyone is excited for the cake, kids cry, hubbies crib for a particular thing, you make it to please everyone, the first day, everyone enjoys it and then it lingers around for the next 2-3 days...maybe for a week or so and then you kind of GB it...meaning Garbage Bowl it.. or Garbage Tummy it....maybe, I need to make everything in smaller portions or start making friends who like such treats every now and then.

Coming to the rec, you can make a black forest cake like I did here. Or make a chocolate cake from scratch like I did here. Either ways you do it, make it and make two or even three tiers and add tyres to your expanding waist...or better yet, make new Friends and spread the love.. they will thank you for being such a nice soul...

Love Ash.
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