Happy Birthday Indulge- You Turn 4 today!!!!.

Hello Sweeties!!!! Blog Birthdays or any Birthday mean a celebration of good times, reflection of old gone by and introduction of new things. Indulge is also my 3rd Baby which I started on a fine winter morning 4 years back. 4 Years went by too quickly and the time in blog-land has enriched me, educated me and  bought few but dignified people in my life, who have groomed me into a fine blogger, if so may I say!!!! I have not met them in real life, yet we connect so well through our blogs and I know some are a call away some are a click away. This time around every year, I say my thank you's and Sorry to all my readers and do a recap of the year gone by. Year 2012 was most satisfying year as it allowed me the time and space to publish 100+ posts, in spite of a full time job and full house calling my name every minute of the day. This is only possible with your love, continuous support and encouragement and I am counting my blessing each day one blessing at a time. 

Please join me in the milestone year as I gear up to enter into my fifth year of blogging. It is my constant effort to bring to you some recipes that are twisted, tweaked and  mended to suit my current food habits and choices and made with ingredients sourced locally here in USA. I try not to repeat dishes unless I have something new to show you, maybe a step by step pictorial or a new way of cooking the same dish. Reflecting back and glancing through my Recipe Index, I found that the usual home cooked simple Marathi food is yet to feature in this space; which is the main call for year 2013. But since no birthday can be success without a cake, Cake Pop is what I made to celebrate my small day big way! Hope you continue your support and keep making me part of your life, your space and may Gods grace be upon us.

I celebrated the day with something new and something healthy. I made a date chocolate cake with whole wheat flour and added some Cardamom and nuts powder (Milk Masala). The result was amazing. I also had a very young friend visiting me and she had an idea that we should make Cake Pops to mark the big day. I had the cake and only one tspn of the choclate frosting, some chocolate chips and jimmies on hand. I make whipped cream frosting, so I generally do not have any Buttercream on hand, but I managed to find some in the refrigerator, which I had got when making a cake for another frnd who requested that specific chocolate brand frosting to be used in filling. So, with all that we took the amazingness to a whole new level, by making pops.

To make the pops, mash the cake and add 1tbspn Frosting, I used store brought. Then make a big mess of the two and roll into small balls. This was perfect for two cake loving kids, who did all the gooey job and then happily licked their tiny fingers till the balls hardened for 30 minutes. After they harden up for 30 mins in the fridge, insert a lollipop stick and  roll that into melted chocolate, roll into jimmies and  again keep for 20 mins in the fridge to harden. Enjoy them when done or pack them in individual gift bags for easy gifting. Either ways they are fun to make and extra fun to eat.

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