Bhajani Chakali-Maharahstrian Favourite snack.-Back to roots.

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Bhajani Chakli is one snack that makes every maharshtrian go weak in knees. Traditional recipes, chakli machines are passed on as family heirlooms and  not tempered with. I have seen my mom make amazing chakali's since I was young. She enjoyed every step of the chakali making process. I always thought it was so easy, make atta, press in machine and fry.. whats there that's more than that. 

After landing in USA and wanting to try my hand at them, made me realize the whole process of making chakali. This soon became my, " I must try to make chakali at home" obsession.  However expert chakli making needs, the patience that a new bride lacks, the expert eye for the correct temperature of the oil and also the ease with which your wrists move while pressing the chakali's into perfect rounds.

I made them the first time with my dear friend K. We both were learning to make diwali faral on our own and that's when we decided to try our hand at this snack. My moms words were echoing in my ears, NO more than 3 rounds each chakli, I set to make them with K and we had amazing results the first time we made. 

Our Diwali was complete with the most cherished snack of all. The bhajani or the atta/flour is specially made for chakali. I get it with me every time I visit home. My mom makes it in huge  quantities to pack into smaller portions and seals the packs individually. This is moms love I guess. 

The Bhajani recipe is much guarded by my mom, but I am hoping she makes it when I visit her the next time, so I can share it with you guys. Till then make do This Recipe.

You will need;
**Will make about 50 chakali's

2 cups Store brought bhajani Flour
*I used my mommy made  bhajani
2 cups water boiling
2 tsp Red chili powder

1 tspn Haldi/Turmeric
1 tbspn- Sesame seeds
1 Tbspn Butter/Ghee
1 Tbspn Ajwain
1 tsp Jeera
Salt and sugar to taste

Approx 2 cups Oil for frying

In a pot, keep the water for boiling, when it comes to a rapid boil, add the turmeric, chili powder, sesame seeds, jeera, Ajwain, Butter, salt and sugar.. mix well, then add the flour, stir well, cover with a lid and keep aside for 15 mins. 

Once cool, knead the flour mix into a soft dough.. and use the Chakli making machine to form nice circles of abt 1-2 inch....Never more than 3 rounds as my moms says;
Heat oil in a deep Kadhai/wok, and fry these circles on medium heat. Note that the oil should be hot not smoking hot...The chakalis need to be cooked well and crispy, having the oil smoking hot will burn the chakalis and not give them a nice crunch.

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