Kids Lunch Box -Vegetable Wheat Noodles.

Hello Sweeties!!!! Hope you are enjoying the school and falling back in routine just as much as I am. I like it when kids have a  definite schedule to follow. I am also happy that I work full time and  the question that most SAHM face evades me. The question of keeping kids occupied on days off from school or  in winters when play dates cannot be arranged, The constant What do I do, I am bored mom... never come near Ms. Ash. I Salute those Moms who are the back bone of any home and do these things willingly and always with a smile. They get taunted by their peers who work, thinking "Oh you stay at home all Day, what do you do when Kids are in School, Oh How I wish I had time for that chit chat and kitty party you SAHM  enjoy!!! Alas!!! People grow up is my answer to them. SAHM moms work more than most working moms and that is a fact my dear, as they do not step out of the house, they are automatically given the work  that normally Hubby's would pitch in if wifey is working, like grocery shopping, taking kids for various activities, volunteering in school, arranging play dates, laundry, home cleaning and the list is endless. Her house again is expected to look like a cleaning lady just finished her job. So Again I say, you SAHM moms deserve the day off to do absolutely NOTHING.

The common question that all Moms face and is often the only subject of discussion when 2 moms meet is Kids lunch box. When I was growing up, we never ever took fancy stuff. it was same old roti-subji day in and day out. Friends who got idli's, upma and such items were envied and had maximum friends in school. My Mom was a working mom and the commute in Mumbai was  tough, so we always by default had poli bhaji and  if she was extra happy tup sakhar poli. When I tell her that my kids dislike eating poli and bahji in lunch box, as they have to use hands to tear the poli or even if I make rolls, the food has Indian spices which have strong smell, they are made fun off by peers, she is nothing short of surprised and says rolling her eyes in her typical way that I am being Lazy that I don't want to roll the rotis every morning. But coming to point is, making decent lunches and making kids eat them is kind of becoming a struggle for Ms. Ash. Donut was such a sweet kid that whatever I gave and give  is finished irrespective of hot or cold, poor darling eats what he gets. Munchkin not so sweet. He has his days, his daycare heats up the food unlike Donut who is in Public school, yet he will not eat what is given to him only exception of a sandwich. Nutella and Peanut butter is not a favorite with them and they do not touch it with a 10 feet pole. So far we tried giving traditional tiffin items like sheera, upma, rice, idli, which again came back as is and untouched. So I am lost. I am trying different healthy lunch options with them which I am going to blog about; as and when I get positive feedback, Hopefully, I am not alone in this fight, and you will be there like always with me, to help me with ideas, support me and  encourage me each time. I had seen a similar noodle preparation on a TV show, where in the chef altered the dish to suit his traditional palate and ended up using Yam chips instead of noodles, but kept the base of veggies similar. Now Yam is not my kids best friend, so I opted to use the wheat noodles that are rich in Fiber and does keep their tummies full for some more time than the regular flour noodles. When I saw him make the veggie base, I thought to myself, "I must make that", and the result is as you see, I did make it that very day!!!!!

You will need;

1/2 packet of whole wheat Fiber rich Thin Spaghetti
1/2 Medium Onion, Thinly Sliced
1 Carrot-shredded
1/2 cup Cabbage shredded
5-6 Baby Corn- diced
1/2 inch Ginger--finely chopped
2 cloves garlic finely chopped


1 tbspon dark Soya Sauce
1 tspn Maggi Noodle seasoning--Optional
* I have saved it from Maggi Instant Noodle packet
1/2 Tspn Black Pepper
Salt and sugar to taste
2 Tbspn Oil

Cook the Thin Spaghetti in salted water for 8 Minutes till al-dente. Drain and keep aside. In a wok, heat oil on a high flame, add ginger and garlic.. fry for one min...then add onions., carrots and cabbage and corn. Fry till the carrots get cooked slightly. Then add the Soya sauce, Maggi Seasoning and  Black pepper, Salt and Sugar.. Stir continuously...lastly add the cooked noodles.. and fry for anr couple of min's...The noodles are ready to be served. Garnish with spring onions if kids like it. Enjoy these noodles hot or at room temperature.

I am happy to give a shout out to Manasi aka Cook@ Heart who is hosting a CupoNation giveaway on her space. So if you don't yet follow her like a puppy, do so now and enter yourself to the cool giveaway she is hosting.

I am entering this dish in her giveaway, if I win will surely think of you Manasi..wink wink... does this bribe work????

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