Its Raining Cakes in Ashland- Sweet cakes in the offering

Hello Sweeties!!!! Its getting sweeter in Ashland. With Spring in air and on my toes, I have been baking cakes  for my loved ones all along February. 

I am also trying my hand at making chocolate art. Kids cake can be made theme based by using cake toppers/toys that can be washed and used only as decoration. But when it comes to baking and decorating cakes for my family and friends who not necessary are all young kids at heart, I get stuck at decorating them. Using Fruit is one option, but again it takes away the essence of eating dessert that you can actually feel guilty about.

For the chocolate art, I put the bar of good choclate in an icing bag and zapped that in the microwave to melt it, cut the tip of and used it to trace some design on an silicon mat and froze it for 30 mins. After that kind of gently removed the frozen chocolate and used it as a cake topper.
Desserts need to be sinful and they should make the girls feel guilty of indulging in, only then they can give you a blissful feeling of  feeling happy. I am sharing the pictures of cakes I have made recently. The cakes are not necessary from scratch and are semi home made i.e. from boxed mixes, But the icing is all home made with whipped cream and custard and even bit of vanilla splashed in for aroma and flavor.

The above cake is the Cake I want to mention specially. This cake has been made and decorated by a very special 6 year old friend with her moms help and tiny winy help from Ms. Ash. Her mom is my good friend and when she requested me for a cake decorating class, I was stumped. What do I teach a 6 yrs old girl about decorating

 Her mom instructed me to do a class as I normally would or an adult and she would have no issues with it. And boy was she right!!! This girl did not budge for the entire 2-3 hours of the class and we did  decorate this beautiful cake which she took home for her dearest Daddy!!! She taught me a very valuable lesson that if you have the passion and the right encouragement, age my friend is just a number. You are never too old or young to learn new skills.

Likewise no celebration is complete without some cake. What better gift can be than making a cake for your friend. So enjoy making, decorating and showering cakes on your loved ones.

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