Save the earth-Round up Part II

Today I introduce another Green blogger, who is decorating her new home in USA with some paper and scrap and even boxes that find their way into our homes. She is a true champion of bring trash to treasure via simple useful items

I birng to you Radhika of Imprintshandmade. A crafter, blogger and a dear friend, who instantly agreed to contribute to my event.

Few Examples of what R is doing and small projects she has  created;

Cereal Box organizer - inspired by Ashwini Deshpande:);

 I used gift wrapping paper for this, besides glue and scissors. I cut the box into a container - high on one side and lower on the other, similar to file organizer boxes that you find in stores. I then glued the wrapping paper according to size, into the container. Lastly, I labelled this (not visible in the pictures) and now I use it to store non-prescription medicines.

Salt-box holder;

 This needs a craft knife, pre-punched flower shapes or shapes of your choice (I used postal mail covers that could have got trashed). I removed the lid part of it using the craft knife, removed the brand label and stuck up the pre-punched flowers. I then painted the white bottom which gets dirty from use, with white paint, and also to touch up the cardboard. A coat of Mod Podge was enough to finish it. I use such boxes to store brushes, pens and even as table top trash bins.


For the rangoli and Chittara bookmarks, I used cardboard from things we bought at grocery stores. We need to sandpaper the glossy sides of these card boxes that we cut up. Next, it is about sticking card stock or thick color papers to these cardboard's that you must cut to approximate sizes of bookmarks. Next, use white paint for the designs, and then touch up with a brush pen or marker that is darker in shade than the cardboard color. Also, use these markers to color the thickness for a neat look.

I used a similar procedure for kiddy costume bookmarks. For this though, I used pictures of kids in costumes that came in through the ad-fliers or coupon mail stash during Halloween season.

For the postal cover bookmarks, I substituted colored card stock with the inside of postal covers that arrive in my mail box. I used a typewriter rubber stamp and another rubber stamp besides distress ink for a grunge look.

Hope you like these new blogs that I introduced and all the things that you can imagine in your dreams to do with all the trash that we throw out as garbage.

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