Dry Peanut Chutney- Shengdanyachi Chutney

Hello Dearies!!! I am sorry for the irregular posting, but there are times that make it impractical for life to go on smooth. The new year started with some minor hiccups. First the dryer in my home went off without any warning. I mean it was in good mood when I last spoke with it, don't really know what triggered the non cooperation. It was disturbing for me to know that I hurt someone and  finally I decided to  take the bull by its horns, confront it with my side of the story.  We reasoned and made peace and were chatting like old friends putting the sadness behind our backs. It was business as usual.
 I thought all was well in Ashland, but there was more to face. Sorry to say, I let go my yahoo email account that I cherished for last 15 years. That was my first email id, my license to communicate with my friends, dear and again not so dear ones around the globe. IT had been kidnapped. Some weird hacker swiped it clean and more then being sorry for its deeds, it was rather not bulging to give me back my inbox. I had to stop it so with heavy heart, by deleting it, taking care of making an incident report before deleting it and wiping it clean from my memory bank.

With back to back incidents of this stature, I needed some comfort food, some TLC for my soul. In such trying times, I seek help from my moms recipes. The smell and the aroma and the whole process calms my nerves, soothes my restless brain, puts me in a better mood which makes the mood meter in Ashland swell. The memories associated with the food and growing up in a modest suburb of Mumbai are my oxygen when things don't go the right way. One distinct memory is of having these sandwiches at my friend P's house every morning on the way to school. These sandiwches were very simple sandwiches, buttered slices of bread and some of red peanut/lasun chutney in between. Her parents were both doctors and her mom's clinic was closer to home, so she had some spare time before she resumed her duties.  She made many such sandwiches for all kids every morning. We were never allowed to skip them and she made sure we all were well fed before we started walking towards school. The number of kids visiting their home never sort of bothered her nor did any kid asking for more affected her. The smile was always there when she placed more of these sandwiches and waved bye to everyone.

I was taught of my first valuable lesson by her mom to to never skip breakfast. A full tummy makes you focus better and helps concentrate on all the mundane activities that happened in school. I for one never cared about school and the happenings therein. I know weird, but school made me sad, the pressures robbed me of my childhood. My learning calls were elsewhere. Given a choice I would have surely dropped out of High School, But that was India and not USA. Kids were not allowed to make such vital decisions. You know the truth, but my kids need not know that. For them School HAS TO BE FUN. School sis where the future belongs and makes us ready for Tomorrow.

You will neeed;

1 cup roasted peanuts
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp Cumin seeds/ jeera
3 tsp red chilli powder

1/2 tspn dry mango powder
pinch of sugar
Salt to taste

 In a blender jar, I use magic bullet, Combine all the above and pulse till the peanut crumbs, you are not looking for a peanut butter here, so crumbs is fine. This is all there is to make this beauty.  There are also few complex recipes that do require some amount of efforts, but since this is a fast age, we are going to learn some fast fast recipes. There are multiple ways to enjoy this, like podi on dal and rice, on masala papad, or one buttered slices of bread or mixed in yogurt as a dip. Whichever way you enjoy it, do let me know your 2-3 cents on it.

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