DIY Felt Flower Pins and headbands

Hello dearies!! Today is no food post, But a different kind of DIY. Ever since I came on Pintrest, I am going crazy with ideas and things that can be done from nick knacks around home or for few dollars. I am all for frugal shopping and hobbies. Any hobby that requires me to spend a ton on materials is a turn off for me. Hobbies that start and end at Dollar stores are win win for people like me. Trash to Treasures are also big YES!!!!

When I was in school, I made book marks from wedding invitation cards. A hobby long forgotten was reminded to me by dear fried Radhika who blogs at imprints handmade. Another surprise was I received  a package from Neelam of Kane's Coop, she send me some small containers to store and gift the lotion for the upcoming holiday season. She also claims that the postal services added an apron for Ms. Ash. With so many good wishes and love send my way, I better get started with my gifts. So I raided Pintrest for some ideas. I saw number of handmade flower pins, some for little girls and some for big girls. I settled on making few flowers using some felt pieces which were left out from another craft project, my needle and thread and some pins from a craft store and making these. They would go in goody bags which I will start putting together with my homemade soap and lotion boxes. I will seal the goody bag with these pins, So I think I will. I am blessed with some very nice people who wish me well, care for me and even though having never seen me, know what I would like and send generous gifts. I love them not for the gifts but for what they mean to me. This is the faith that keeps me going on. Positivity is spread by thinking good about your enemies and wishing them well, however mean they are to you. At some point in life they will only think of how good you have been to them.

This is a very easy flower to make. I will do a step by step once I get over "I did it" excitement part. What is the recent hobby you have taken up? What is your stress buster thing? Share with me if you have any crafting projects going on. I would love to learn  a new skill from you.

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