Ras Wale Aloo- Potato Gravy

Today's recipe is  a very simple and staple recipe in most Indian homes. Potatoes being the most versatile vegetable is made in different forms, make into chips, deep fried, used in gravy dishes, make a Pattie, cutlet, it can be broiled, roasted, boiled or simply stir fired. We love potatoes and all the carb stories that we are told about it. Mr. Potato is offended big time and I apologize on everyone's behalf. I was invited to one dear friends home M a few days back. She had specially invited us for a Delhi style brunch of Aloo poori and kheer. At first I thought Alooporri would be like a stuffed puri with aloo mixture. I had to fight hard with the urge to search the net and do a quick Google search,  but I did not search the net and see other recipes, I wanted to be surprised. I asked her if she could finish the preparation after I reached there so I could really see what and how she did. This is not even remotely close to what she made, yet This is my take on her Aloo ki subji. My kids loved it and Mr. Ash approved it instantly. The doughnut and the munchkin have now gotten into a habit, if they like some thing they ate at some one's home, they kind of ask me to get the recipe and make it in larger portions at home.  My friend always cook more an we always get the goodie bags of the same food form them, Yet the concept of make more so we can enjoy it for many many days is stuck with them. Mr. Munchkin is fascinated with the term," For One whole Month", it's really cute when he says, I will be upset for one whole month, or I will not talk to anyone for one whole month, like it stays with him for the next five minutes before the focus or subject changes. I did not make any poori for this time, we had it with regular phulka or roti, but the Poori recipe can be found here.

You will need;
3 Medium Tomatoes
1 Medium Onion Finely chopped
5-6 boiled Potatoes, skinned and cubed
1 Tspn Ginger paste
1 TSpn Garlic Paste
 Salt to taste
1Tspn Garam Masala
Water as required

2 Tbspn opil
1 Tspn jeera/Sumin Seeeds
1 Tspn Shah jeera/Caraway Seeds

In a wok, heat the oil on medium heat add in the tempering, and then the onions and tomatoes, then the ginger and garlic paste, fry for few minutes, add a dash of salt and fry till the oil separates the onion tomato mixture. Then add in the boiled cubed potatoes and mix well then add the water and mash it well. Cover with the lid and let cook for few minutes. Finally add in the garam masala and adjust salt to taste. Granish with a rosemary leaf or cilantro and serve with some hot hot poori.

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