Homemade Lotion and Lip-balm totally Natural and Organic

 Hello Dearies!!! Today I bring to you some homemade natural and  beauty enhancers from your very own pantry. I also have a confession to make. I am addicted to something that is not harmful but dangerous in many ways!!! I am not on drugs nor am I an alcoholic, but yes I am addicted to Pintrest. And this is what happened to me when I bumped  into Wellness Mama. This Mama is AMAZING!! she makes everything natural and homemade, using everyday products and oils we have at home. She makes her own baby wipes. Impressed. not yet, run over to her space.

I also tried making her lotion and it won many thumbs up from my elder Donut who does not like any cream or lotion either coz its too creamy or too sticky. Most Winters I worry about his lips chapping and his skin turning into a dessert for camel rides. I am also not blessed with a glowing skin, so my search for one lotion for all ailments from cracked heels to chapped lips is always on. What I loved about these lotions is that most ingredients are very easy to get, except for bees wax which Mr. Ash ordered for me online. I am super impressed with the variations I can use from my pantry and mix and match the oils and essences. This winter is going to be soft and glowing in Ashland. I followed Wellness Mama to the T and stuck to her recipe except the addition of Shea butter and Cocoa powder to the lip balm.I needed to do that, it's just me that if I change the ingredients, I get creative satisfaction of doing something different. I will update you on the progress of my cracked heels and chapped lips after using these lotions for  a while, and keep watching this space as I am seriously thinking about sharing the lotions and soaps with one lucky reader soon. Just that I need to be super confident about the product I am making. There are no side effects as the oils are pretty much used in everyday cooking, like olive oil, coconut oil, bees wax imparts a  soft honey scent and addition of shea butter only adds in the effect.

 You will need;
take a glass bottle and a wide pan with 2-3 inches water, keep the water to boil. in the glass jar take;
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 th cup bees wax
2 capsules Vit E oil

1tsp rose water-Optional-
*I used this

2tsp shea butter-Optional
*I used 2 tsp as I have the shea butter which was costly. so thght will use little than none

When melting, stir often and then when the whole thing has melted, store in a glass jar and use little as it will go a long way. I added cocoa powder to the lipbalm for a brown tint.

 I know I am teasing you now, but I have given you all the resources to go ahead and curb your fear of making such treats from your kitchen. This really does not take any time, as it is only melting the oils and letting them do their own thing, I made these in less than 20 minutes. If I can do it, so can you!!!!! Thanks again Wellness Mama for doing the work for us.

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