Homemade Granola Trail Mix

Hello dearies!!!I have some awesome friends. Some help me by motivating me to keep aiming for my target weight loss some even send me awesome goodies in mail. Some post healthy food and snack options for me. Such an amazing friend is M who has her blog as Cravings. True to it's name, it does satisfy all e-Cravings, as the technology is not there yet where food can transported through the computer screen, I drool and drool looking at some creations. M posted her granola recipe few weeks back and its has been on my mind ever since. Luck by chance I was ordered a days rest from all the computer and TV by the Dr. for an eye infection. I was send home from work. Mr Ash soon killed my excitement of getting a day off and doing nothing but watching some TV and reading some blogs,Also the mean daddy he is, he took away my phone as I can read blogs on my phone too.. Boo hoo. I was left to do nothing but REST. How can anyone do nothing is beyond me, so I bribed Mr. Ash to give me 30 Minutes of some REST time in return of nothing to do. I made M's Granola with my pantry list of things.

 Recipe Source; Cravings

You will need;
3 cups old fashioned rolled oats
1 cup Organic Agave Syrup/Honey can be used
* I used organic blue agave syrup
3 tbspn water
vanilla essence
1/4th cup each of;
 raisins, cranberries, almond , walnut, sunflower seeeds.
(You can pretty much use anything you fancy)

Preheat oven to 350degree, Mix the oats and the nuts, stir once. In a bowl add in the honey/agave syrup, vanilla essence and water and stir, pour it over the oats and nuts mixture,  roast the oats, stirring every 7-10 minutes in between.. I used party aluminum tray, keep roasting in the oven for anr 30 mins, stir as not let it stick and burn, keep doing this every 7-10 mins. remove and cool, your granola is ready. Add in pretzels sticks, M and M's or sugar coated candy when you are ready to pack for hikes, trails or store in air tight jar and use for breakfast every morning.

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