Bhajani Thalipeeth- Multigrain Spiced Flat Bread

Hello Dearies!!! How did you all celebrate the Friendship day? While in college this was the day, most boys and girls awaited t o make new friends. Just out of school and uniforms and disciplined lives, they all enjoyed the new found freedom, Bands were exchanged and ribbons were cut, names were jotted and tied on each others wrists, celebrating the bonds of friendship. Some friendships were eternal but some faded with time. We all had such special friends in all phases of our lives, with whom we shared our feelings and a cuppa of chai.  We always need someone or other to talk to, to express our emotions. We befriend any person of any age to be friends. Facebook is filled with many odd friends, perhaps the desire to be friends is what the social networking sites are thriving on. I met few wonderful people through through Blogger who are not only important but kind of must-haves in my life now. The weird part is, I have not yet come face to face with them, but if and when I do, it would be no different than meeting my childhood friends, with whom you can sit cross legged on a chair and  crack silly jokes and laugh endlessly for no reason. 

I made many new friends through Blogging, but my connection with Pallavi from A Cook@ Heart is special.  We go way back, from the time, I had no readers, so forget about getting any comments. So I kept posting with my many Typo's and weird formatting, till one day I got a comment. She not only corrects my typo's but tells me if certain phrases make no sense, or if they make too much sense. She is the support behind indulge, who encourages me like  a nice teacher, kicks me like a stricter teacher and is always the first to congratulate me on minor or major success. She is the gem in my friendship hat, and one who I can count on day or night, sort of like a 24/7 pal. I would not say my 2 AM, pal, as I love my sleep so I am not awake at that odd hour. I never quite get that phrase what is 2 Am friend and 10AM friend?

Recently, I got a mail, like You have got mail!!!! and that too a surprise in the mail, is what I loved the best about this special package. I even reserved the envelope that it came in as a special memory. I received the package from the fabulous and multi-talented Cook @ Heart. The goodie pack had some oatmeal cereal bars and homemade thalipeeth bhajani. For the exact recipe and how to go check Pallavi's blog ASAP. She is also featured in THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS. Now apart from I have Mail, I also have Connections!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Thanks Cook@ Heart for the wonderful pleasures you send my way. Mr. Ash and the donuts enjoyed every bite of it. We made and had the thalipeeth for our dinner and polished off the plates. Lucky me, they did not eat the plates. It was that good.

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