Oh Camping we go!!!!

 Hello Dearies!!! Firstly sorry for being MIA for one whole week. Reason being we went camping. Oh Yes!! our very own first camping family vacation. We had a lot of fun and relaxing and spent time outdoors in a true camping spirit. Well if you count renting a cabin and a RV for 4 families as camping, then yeah we did it all!!! We had booked a tent space and our friend did set up the tent, but we never got to spending the night there. Must admit that someone chickened out of the whole tent story. We did go river walking, singing in front of the campfire swimming in the pool, bouncing and bike riding. I came to know how talented my friends are who sing so well, some even danced the dance. This was so hilarious, it was like a big mad party with no parents watching us.

Will I do it again, Absolutely YES!!! We never had so much fun on any vacation. The family behaved well, no yelling, no timeouts or even eye staring was in place. Yes I am the mom who gives her family THE LOOK!!!

Important part of any nature activity is spotting natural elements. We did spot a toad, my friend saw  a bear, like a big grizzly bear, I did not spot any deers in the deerpark. I never seem to spot any where the signs are put, do you spot any animals where they put signs of spotting? But I did see some treats in the camp site store where we took the kids for some ice cream. Enjoii these rare treats. I did not gather enough courage to try them. Just eye candy and pictures satisfied me.

I also learnt the craft of making carnation flowers from tissue paper; which I will be showing you guys in later posts. My friends 8 year old girl taught me to make these flowers, we attached them to a tic-tac clip and I was in Hawaii. I got so many compliments on how beautiful the flower looked and where did I get such a cute flower in the deep woods midst the mountains. 
What did you all do in the summer? Small Vacations and getaways refresh your mind and give you a different prospective towards life.

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