Kandyachi Peeth-Perun Bhaji- Spring Onion with Chickpea flour Subji and my 200th post and an award

Yes Lovelies its 200th post for Indulge-ashscorner. Hence this long title and what better way to celebrate it with than an traditional maharashtrian subji. Ideally it should have been a sweet, but savory is the way to go for me now. Ever since cutting down on sweets, I am finding ways to curb my sweet and salt cravings. Replacing papads and pickles with such side dishes has helped me make the transition better.

Peeth perun bhaji is a type of preparation that can make any maharahstrian go weak in his knees. The peak of the ultimate comfort food, is what it is for me. This is a way of making any green leafy vegetable most common used  are spring onions, or radish leaves with chickpea flour or besan. Capsicum is also used for some added variation. Peeth perun is a technique where the flour is incorporated into the vegetable after it sweats a bit.This is ready in very few minutes and take no time. So if you have less time and need to use up those radish leaves, make this today,. But there is one caveat. The amount you start with and the amount you end with will be very dicey. This is ideal when you just need to add one more side to your platter or better when you simply need to supplement the veggie of the day, make this. This is  a dry preparation and goes well with dal rice and bhakri or roti or any flatbread.

I was very picky eater and choosy when it came to food. I was not very willing to try new foods, new ways of cooking and always liked food at my friends place better than what my Mom made. I am amazed at how good my boys are who do not ever say that my friends mom cooks better than you ma. I was not the case for sure. For me the grass was always greener on my friends lawn. I am sorry for the pesky kid I was Mom. Some things however I did enjoy at my home was this bhaji/subji. I try to get the taste my mom gets, but am not there yet. I use her recipe to the T but still its  a miss at times. My mom always made this peeth eprun bahji using spring onions, radish leaves and capsicum to name  a few, when we were traveling in trains on long journeys and as this made meals a less messy. She made wraps form pooris or phulkas and stuffed them with dry subji's most times it was this subji. Only if she knew that what she called as poli-folds was today's kathi rolls, she would have been a famous chef. The next post will be the innovation I did with this subji, But for now, lets see how to go about making this.

You will need;
2 bunches spring onions, after you clean them and chop them, they should fill approx 2 cups.
We get 3-4 spring onions in one bunch.
2-3 tbspn besan/chickpea flour
Again this will depend on how much water the onions give out.

2 tbspn OIl
1 tspn mustard/rai seeds
1/2 tspn Cumin/jeera
1/2 tspn carrom/ajwain seeds
1tspn Turmeric
1 pinch hing/aesofodita
Salt to taste
Sugar a pinch, Optional

In a wok, heat the oil till hot, then add the mustard seeds, let them splutter then add the jeera, ajwain and let that sizzle for one second, then add the turmeric, hing and the chopped onion springs, cover and let it wilt and sweat the water out, reduce the heat to low. Add in the salt, sugar and let it sweat a bit. You will need to add a bit more salt than regular as we will be adding besan. Once the salt is incorporated and the onions are wilted well, add in the besan spoon by spoon. The quantity of the besan will depend on how much water the onions have given out. Adding spoon by spoon helps in judging how much flour would be needed. Once the mixture looks wet and the onions get covered with the flour, stir it well and cover and let cook for 5 minutes, on low heat. After 5 mins, stir once and see if the flour is cooked, if not let it cook covered for anr 2 minutes. The subji will stick to the pan, use more oil if needed, or use non stick pan to cook. I like the burnt scrapping so I let it stick before scrapping it into a serving bowl. The peeth perun bhaji is ready for your loved ones.

Now time for some drum roll please. Aparna from Square Meals has again gracefully shared an award with me. This time it's  a little fun fact game along with this award.

Here are the rules for the award
Thank the person who nominated you for this Award and link them back
Then state some 5 random facts about you.
Spread the joy by nominating fellow bloggers, as a way of appreciation.
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5 Random Facts About Ms. Ash

I am a MOM-24/7. meaning you will always find me nagging my kids with Do's and Dont's
I am a Survivor, I do not quit easily.
I am a Gardener..OK new found hobby, will share the pics when my garden is in full bloom
I am a Blogger, yes I heart white plates, blogware in stores and first thing I say is This will look great on my blog.
I am a very positive human. I try to find good things in all people even those who have been bad with me, hurt me and ditched me when I needed them. Trying to see only good and negate the bad helps me sleeping well at night.

Now time to share the joy, Feel free to collect this award from me to you as a return gift for reading 200 posts, supporting me when life was not going great and for just being there for me.Reaching 200 posts would not have been easy if not for your love and wishes and good vibes. I appreciate all that has been showered on me.

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