Chocolate Covered Strawberries--Mothers Day Special.

Every Mothers day is special for me. Last 8 years, Mr. Ash ha been pampering me on this special day. Y day started with Some Tea and toast made by Mr. Ash and my younger munchkin. The elder was busy in bed, as it is Sunday is his day of sleeping late. So I was in the garden planting my gift of an Hibiscus plant and doing some garden cleaning work. When I came in the kitchen I found the T and toast waiting for me. I felt so blessed with the love and care showered on me. After the routine India calls to our moms and wishing them a Happy Muddles(mothers) day, we started our plans for the day.

They had the entire day planned, which was again a Huge bonus for me. We went for lunch at my favorite Mexican joint and they even had plans of making soup and garlic bread for dinner. Since Mr. Ash's culinary skills are limited; I kind of offered help and promised to keep it at minimum. We made the Sweet Corn soup and Garlic pull apart rolls, (Recipe following soon), and for dessert we made these strawberries.

We made them only as my elder munchkin was feeling left out of all the excitement and planning. By the time he was ready to face the day, My younger one in all his enthusiasm spilled the beans to my elder son making him cross with his dad. So to make him happy, I offered to help him to make the dessert. He made the whole thing. I just helped him by melting the chocolate as he is not yet allowed to handle the stove and fire alone.

There is not much of the recipe for these. I hope the pictures are clear enough of how we went about making them.

1. Melting chocolate in double boiler.

2. Prepping the Strawberries

3. Dipping each one in the melted chocolate. We put a plastic peel and stick on a plastic plate to make a easy job of cleaning it up.

Then set the plastic plate with the chocolate strawberries in the fridge for a good 2-3 hours. After that pack them individually in plastic bags to make  an easy and quick gift.

We made quite a few for us to enjoy and distribute to my younger munchkins teachers as  a Sweet Thank you gift. This is how My mothers day went by. I would love to hear how was yours and what all fun things you moms out there did for your self and your moms.

Sending this over to Kids Delight event hosted by Smitha of smithasspicyflavours


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