Strawberry Banana Pear smoothie

The whole clan in Ashland was down with viral fever and seasonal cough. DR advised GO easy on diary and milk. I was in a mix, my munchkins needed the energy to fight the bug, they had somehow give up on solids when they are feeling low. Suddenly everything around me was filled with worry. My only wish was that they would be jumping and fighting and kicking around. like normal kids. They were the best behaved sick kids I had ever known. I do not know why this would happen, but when they are jumping and yelling and shouting you as an adult want them to be quiet and slow down, be responsible and when they are quiet and calm, you want the storm to begin. Being a Parent is the toughest job if you can tell!.

After a week or so of  not so feeling better days, we celebrated a little with these smoothies. They cut their own fruit and Ms. Ash simply helped them with the mixie part of it. They were happy with their efforts and I was happy with their choice of fruits for the day. These can be frozen in Popsicle cups and enjoyed on hot sunny days. We are still not there yet, with the sun playing hide and seek and winds blowing its gust out, Popsicles will have to wait till June, I guess.

You will need;
2 Big Strawberries
1/2 ripe Banana
1 ripe Pear
1/2 cup yogurt-Plain or flavored.-- We used a small cup Activia yogurt( For the pro biotic)

Chop the fruits and blend in a mixer with the yogurt till smooth. You can add ice if you like it, since I was making it for my under the weather kids, we opted to keep them out. Enjoy this smoothie. Add in oats to make  a breakfast smoothie or enjoy as is.


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