Go Diego Go Cake--Sweet Gift by Swati and Surprise on Friday the 13th

 As promised by me and dear Swati, She send me this recipe with pictures for you all. The cake turned out Awesome and any 4 year old would have loved this cake for his birthday. Go Diego Go!!!!! Happy birthday T. May your adventures never end with age.
Over to Swati's message
 Hi all,

This is my first themed cake for my love , my 4 yr old Son “T”.
I baked 3 cakes, two 8 inch round and one sheet cake and used store brought ready cake mix.For water fall icing, I used Whipped Cream with blue color. 

I used some tips from Ashwini of indulge-ashscorner.
I started with the base sheet cake and for cake filling I used Pineapple pudding and covered it with “Green “color. I then added one round section over the bottom of the cake with Pineapple filling and covered with green butter cream icing. Then on top of the round cake I added semi circle /half round cake and for waterfall I used whipped cream with blue color. Then added Diego on top and positioned him a little off to the side.and added some coconut trees and with butter cream icing grass around the waterfall and diego compass. I added some orange colored grass flowers made with butter cream icing with the same tip used for making grass and I finished using some orange border around the edge of the cake.
Finally it turned out awesome (as per my point of view…... :D)
Hope you all like the cake I made.
With Love,
Swati S

One more picture for your viewing pleasure. If you are wondering where Swati used the cupcakes, she told me that they were from the leftover batter and were enjoyed by her son.

Here is the surprise that I have been keeping from you. I was always told that dreaded stuff happens on Friday the 13th. I am not very sure why people say this, But it's like a black cat crossing your path. Reality is I waited and longed for such cats to cross my path when I went for exams. The result day did not affect me much back then, my nightmare was the exam day itself. I was not a very smart kid where studies were concerned, But I was a very street smart kid. I was doing small bank jobs like dropping utility bill checks, depositing checks and all such types where hard money was not even a closer part of it, repairing light fuses around the house under my dads supervision and making soap with my Dad from age 8. I do not speak much about my dad here, but he was/is one talented guy and guess my creativity comes from him in many ways. I even was a proud recipient of the Presidents Award for Girl Guides in year 1992. Why I am telling you all this now, I have no clue. Today I received a surprise in email by none other than Prathibha of Cook-Eze. She showered multiple awards on me. I am overwhelmed with her kindness and these awards do make me feel accepted in the blogland. If you have not yet visited her space, I would like you to do so now like stop reading and check out her blog.

 My belief that Friday the 13th is lucky for me, is getting confirmed  now with such things happening to me on Friday the 13th.. My elder son was born on Friday the 13th(India Date) and  I was promoted from Miss to Mom on that day. Hope you also find all the luck this Friday the 13th.

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