Hot Chocolate

We are hit with  a cold wave again.. The past few days have been the coldest and I have been working my brains to cook something that is light and yet satisfying. I have been making various kinds of soups and dishes that are warm in nature and using spices that generate heat within the body like Ginger, cloves and the other Indian spices. The New years came and went by without we being in action. We missed the new years party as we were down with cough and cold and fever. What a great way to start the new years!!! IF this was not enough, My Laptop got sick as well. Poor thing, IT was working hard as well. So kindly excuse me for taking such pictures. But you still get the whole picture, that all did not start well in Ashland. Not to dampen the new year spirit, I tightened my belt and decided that no fever or no sneeze could stop us from enjoying the new years. Who needs a bunch of people to enjoy outside when you have a few little people at home. Besides make your own pizza in your comfy pyjama sounded more fun than anything else.

The pizza post will be up shortly after my unwell Laptop is running again. We polished all the pizzas and were still hungry for something to end the great meal. Since we were already little under weather, Ice cream was ruled out a s an option by Mr. Ash. The coffee for kids is NO NO in my books. We kind of settled for Hot chocolate. This is so easy that even my 8 year son could do it. He swirled the whipped cream and put the candy cane on the glass. His interests in the kitchen are only with the can of the whipped cream. The chef lies in my younger one, who loves to make dough, stir and even roll Indian bread/phulkas. I still have hope that my blog will be used extensively by him.

You will need to make 4 cups
1 cup water
3 cups milk
3 tbspn chocolate chips-- we use milk chocolate
2 tbspn Chocolate Nesquick powder or nay drinking chocolate
Whipped cream Optional
 Mini candy cane Optional
1 tspn Vanilla extract Optional but highly recommended

In a pot, mix the milk and sugar and add in the chocolate chips, vanilla and nesquick powder, stir well and heat on medium till the chips melt and the mixture looks well incorporated. We do not like things overly sweet, but if you like so, feel free to add  a spoonful of sugar to it. When it comes to  a smaller boil, take off heat and pour in a cup with some space on top, about 2/3 rds of the cup. Swirl some whipped cream and use a candy cane to stir it. Njoii it with your family and stay happy!



Smitha said...

yummm...Hot Chocolate on cold winter evenings is the best! kids like it with marshmallows!...Whipped cream is my Favorite!

Square Meals said... is one of my favourite drinks too, after coffee :-). Hope you all are feeling better now!

Aparna from Square Meals.

Spiceroots said...

Oh look at that sinful cup of deliciousness!!

Sensible Vegetarian said...

I love this, nice click.

Sudha said...

The glass of hot chocolate looks absolutely divine - how did you manage to make that lovely cream frill?Looks awesome!I hope you get well soon and loved that part about an indulgent Mom dreaming that her younger one will make the best use of her blog - fingers crossed for you:)

khushi said...

loved the presentation ash....looking soo inviting....

Kalyan said...

Just mouthwatering...looks so easy to prepare & delicious!

Blackswan said...

This drink is exactly what I need now. Just finished watching a TV drama with my family & this is just perfect :)

Have a great weekend, Ash!

PrathibhaSreejith said...

My son love tit, hope u guys are better now :) Wishes for a Happy 2012 to you and family!!!!

Manasi said...

This is a good remedy for sniffles, I say!
Warm hugs!
Ur older one is good with that can of whipped cream, I just can't get it nice and 'frilly' like that.

Priya said...

I dont mind to grab and finish that super tempting hot chocolate rite now.

Pasta And Paratha said...

Please visit my blog and collect your award!

Asiya @ Chocolate & Chillies said...

Thx for dropping by my blog & your kind comment. This hot chocolate would be perfect for these cold winter nights & I have all the ingredients too! Great job!

Teena Mary said...

This is really tempting & i loved the presentation too! I'm unable to copy your snaps Ash, so pls mail me asap.