Brown Rice-Moong Dal Khichadi

Holidays bring along with it the sweets, bakes and likes. It's the time when we stuff ourselves with the evils of sugar and butter and give a hoot about the weight, after all its only one time in a year. Around New years we find ourselves make new resolutions to lose that weight, eat healthy and stay fit. Something like this happens to me all the time. so if you are like me, stick around and I will show you slowly but steadily what changes I am making to our food habits and trying to keep up with the promise I made to myself to eat wise and stay wiser. First change I am making is in rice.  I switched the Rice with Brown Rice.We are so used to white rice that the any changes in mere color of the rice alarms us. But I have started using Brown rice in any rice preparation that does not include eating it alone.But  if I am making any dal or curry, I make some brown rice along with it. We are still not 100% sure of giving up dal chawal  using brown rice instead of white, so will continue using white rice for that purpose only.

Brown Rice-Moong dal  Khichadi with veggie's and hot Kadhi are my passport to heaven. They are my chicken soup on cold days kind of comfort food.It gives me unexplainable pleasure to post this recipe for my young bachelor friends as this recipe can be twisted and turned as per what you have on hand. The main ING being Mood Dal and Rice.. To add to the health content I use Green Split Moog Dal, as the husk from the lentils gives it the fiber, we lack so much in vegetarian food.Try this hot hot khichadi with Kadhi on any rainy stormy or snowy day....roasted papad or some chips on the side and you are in HEAVEN.............it is that relaxinggggggggggggggggg

You will need; for two ppl
1 cup Brown Rice ..washed
3/4th cup Moog dal .. washed
1 cup Veggies- Mix of peas/corn/beans/anything you have on hand if nothing; tastes equally better without any veggies
few Curry leaves
2 green chillies
1tspn coriander powder
1tspn cumin powder
1 tspn ginger/garlic paste
jaggery or1 tsp sugar and salt to taste
Oil and things for Tadka

3 cups hot water

--In a wok, heat some oil, add the mustard seeds,cumin, hing, green chilies, ginger/garlic paste, curry leaves and let it splutter, then add turmeric powder then the veggies...fry for few minutes, then add the rice and dal and roast the mix for 5 mins... then add the hot water and salt and some jaggery/sugar, add the coriander and cumin powder stir once and cover and let cook for abt 15-20 mins...my rice cooker has  a setting to cook brown rice in 20 mins, or soak the rice for few minutes before using...njoii this Khichadi with kadhi...or plain with a spoonful of clarified butter or ghee.

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