Custard Cookies

Inspiration; Cooking Unbound

My Laptop was feeling a bit unwell since December 25th. So we had to admit him to a repair center for a good 3 weeks. I do not know what was more difficult, surviving without a laptop or calls from the repair center and customer service. The way they acted is and was without our imaginative beings. The first and foremost thing was that there is nothing wrong from our side and the entire fault is with you people. I mean a Laptop which is barely 9 months old, and the display is gone, is my fault. Then I call them for servicing (because we paid for Warranty) on a Holiday is also my fault. Thanks HP for this kind of Customer service.

Coming back, I Finally have my laptop up and running and I could save few pictures makes my day. We made these cookies when we were invited for  a play-date making Gingerbread houses at my Best Friend V's House. I wanted to make something different than the old Chocolate chip cookies and that's when I came across the Cooking Unbound blog. OMG, Kristi is super talented girl, and It was my pleasure dedicating these cookies to her cookies. She used Brach's candy but it was a little more candy then I allow my kids to have at one time. I know my little doughnut is a cookie monster and he never ever stops at one. When I saw her post, I had some custard cookie dough freezing and thought of getting some colored candy to melt, but the day got better of me at work, and I remembered it only when I was ready to bake the cookies. I had forgotten to get the colored candy, So I switched plans. Could not afford the disappointed look on my munchkins faces, I made them crush the lolllipops that we had saved up from Dr.'s Visits and haircuts in the mall.. These cookies will be on our holiday baking now on, as we all enjoyed the  chatter and the banter while making these cookies.

You will need;
1.5 cups-All Purpose Flour -
1/2 cup Custard Powder -  I used the one I had from the Indian store.
1stick Butter  I used 1/2 cup oil and addntl milk to wet the dough.
1 cup Sugar
Milk-As needed

Crushed lollipop Candy- In red, green and purple ( get dark colored candy as light colour would be lighter after baking)

Cream the oil and sugar till sugar melts, then add the custard powder and flour, then as needed add milk, to form a soft dough, chill for 30 mins and roll out cookies.

**( If you want to skip oil use jello custard cups and add milk if needed-- This I have never tried, but unless you try, you never know, so next batch I bake these cookies, I will try this)

Once you roll out the cookies, use  the back of the icing nozzle and make holes in the cookie. Fill the holes with Crushed candy and bake for 9-10 mins in a preheated oven at 300 degree F.

How Cute is this??? Can it get any cuter? How about a tree with ornaments that you can see through..
The kids had  a blast eating these cookies and I enjoyed baking them with my munchkins.

Sending these to Kavi's Kids Delight event. Originally Started by Srivalli. and Tea Time Snack event

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