Net Dosa/Dhirdi/Ghavan

The name is very unique as my kids named this dosa as "Net Dosa". When my mom used to make this for us, we used to call it dhirdi or ghavan. This was a staple at my mom's home and still is my go to menu, when hunger strikes and there is not enough time to make anything elaborate. This is best when eaten hot, from pan to plate. Moms are happy as this is made from rice flour and kids are happy as they feel like eating fried crunchy junk.....the trick to getting the net is to heat the pan real hot.. and then splutter the batter on it, like we make  for rava dosa...I discovered this by mistake. I was making our good old ghavan for dinner one night and the phone rang.. I completely forgot the pan being so hot, that when I put the batter on it, it just made this net dosa. My kids were super excited and thus the name NET DOSA...if any of you know the real name, help me please..

You will need;
1 cup rice flour
salt and sugar to taste
water to mix into  a thin batter
oil to fry

In a bowl, mix the rice flour and water into  a very thin batter, add salt and sugar to the mixture. Heat the pan to very hot, once hot, grease it with some oil, pour the thin batter on the hot pan. Cover and cook for 2 minutes, flip and cook the other side. Once done enjoii the crunch net dosa with some chutney or ketchup or as is.

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