Date Rolls-Khajur Roll--Guest Recipe by Kalgi

Today's post is by a dear friend Kalgi, who is a Doctor by education, yet a chef at heart. I was introduced to Dr. Kalgi through a  friend of mine. When I first met her, I had no clue of how talented she was.. She is a very charming young lady who is a very talented henna artist  and  a rangoli artist along with being a equally talented Doctor. Perfect trait of an all rounder.  Her designs are simple and astonishing all in the same line.

This recipe was requested by yours truly and she was more than happy to share it with all of us. When I asked her for the recipe, I greedily asked her if she could also include a picture of the final look. She obliged my request not only by giving me the final look but a proctorial and step wise recipe for the blog. Thanks a lot Dr, Kalgi for the step by step pictorial and the amazingly easy rolls recipe. Indulge-ashscorner will be ever Thankful for your kindness.

You will need;
2 cups--grate seedless raw khajur/pitted dates
1 cup almonds-powdered
1 cup cashew- powdered
2 tbspm ghee/clarified butter
Dry Coconut Powder..to roll the dates mixtures

Keep a pan on medium heat and heat the 2 table spoons ghee and add crushed khajur. mash it for 5 mins.
Then add almonds + cashew and mix well. Make roles and roll it in dry coconut powder, Cut it into small round pieces and store in an airtight container.

Hope you all will make this this holiday season and share with your loved ones. 

Have a Date today!!!
Love Ash

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