Vangyache kaap/Eggplant Crips..

Eggplant crispies or Vangyache kaap is a comfort food for ppl like me...My mom was typical Mumbai working woman and had very little time to cook a full course meal evryday. yet she cooked fresh food twice every day.. She did not have the comfort of driving her own car to work.. she travelled by the trains and used all modes of public transport but never ever complainedd of the stress and fatigue, just remembering her in those days brings me.. She rolled out hot phulkas for us each night even at 9 pm...boy do I admire her for that..
In days of not so favourite vegetable on dinner table and grumpy faces and whining kids, she made these kaap... They along with varan(dal) and bhat(rice) are a feast on its own...Simple yet tasty...they give you the joy of eating junk hiding in good old veggie....Eggplant is very friendly as it adopts the taste of what you give it to...U take Japanese Eggplants which are slim and long...cut them into discs and coat with salt,sugar, red chili powder, cumin and coriander powder and keep aside....Heat oil in a fry pan...on a dish take some rice flour and rava(Sooji) mixture.. mix the eggplant crisps with all the coatings .. it will give out water and get wet....then coat the crisps with the flour and sooji mix and shallow fry it.. enjoy it hot on a rainy/snowy day....
Love Ash.
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