Home Made Whole Wheat Bread

I have been following Rhonda Of Down to Earth blog.. She is an amazing person, although I don't know her, I got attracted to her Simple life and easy living.. in her blog she describes her life working on the farm, doing voluntary work and house work with equal passion...I cannot do as much as hers, but to get started with Simple living, I did try baking a bread at home...I have never ever baked  a bread at home.. so the idea did not go well with my hubby, who thought if you can get a loaf in the supermarketet, whats the point in putting in so much efforts...But ever sincee I read her Bread rec, I had to had try it. and believe it or not the whole exercise took me less than 10 mins hard work....I do not have bread maker at home so I use Gods Little helpers....My Hands to knead the dough...Folowed her rec to the "T" and Bingo.. I got it.. My family just hogged on the bread and Warm bread out of the oven with dollop's of Butter.. I was in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rec is at;

Only changes I did were, I did not have Gluten so skipped that and also did not have Milk Powder so skipped that too....Basically I used only three Things, 2.5 cups Whole wheat Flour, 0.5 cup All purpose flour and 2Tbspn Yeast activated in warm water with sugar and salt...

So do give it a try.. I used Cumin seeds on the top of the loaf just to try it.. next time will use oats or sesame seeds depending on how I shape the bread....So long till I bake again!!!!!

Love Ash.
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