Pasta Soup

Lately, I have become a big fan of one pot meals. NO extra time spend in cooking and cleaning... this dish fits my bill as you build it up as you chop.. and you can use all the leftover veggies you have on hand...once it goes in the pot evrything tastes divine...My son goes for the summer camp in his daycare center and they have a cooking class where kids are introduced to cooking and feeding making  a simple PB & J sandwich or making omelet.. this is a keepsake rec... he got from the camp and he loves it..and I love it 2.. as he eats something  which has squash and pumpkin....hushhhhhhhh!!!!!! no one tell him plzzzzzzzz...
I took a big pot and heated some Olive oil.. to this added one clove garlic, one onion finely chopped, one celery stick finely chopped and one diced carrot .. saute it for 2 mins till onions changes colour.. then add one cup squash, one cup pumpkin, one cup broccolili, one can black beans, one can of tomato puree, 2 cups veggie stock, 2 cups water, one bay leaf, one teaspoon grill seasoning and one tspn dry basil...and one cup of whole grain pasta.. I had rottini and penne on hand so used both.. add salt and pepper and boil for some time.. then simmer on low till all veggies/pasta get cooked.

Am waiting for some snowy and rainy days again to make this pastasoup.. IF you have slow cooker, try this.. will surely be  a pleasure to return home to....Ultimate comfort food calling!!!!!
Love Ash.
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